Harvey Reis

Harvey Reis

Harvey Reis was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on February 7th 1936 to Nat and Rose (née Bilker) Reis. He attended Walnut Hills High School and graduated in 1953. Harvey then went to the University of Cincinnati and studied business.

Harvey was very close to his parents and grandparents. His grandparents started Bilkers in 1908. Harvey grew up working at Bilkers and later ran the store in Roselawn.

His children recall that he worked all the time. “We have memories of him going back to work after hours to repair something or to stock shelves for the next holiday.” Harvey expanded the store’s products and summed up his philosophy “listen to the community and give them what they want.”

Bilker Foods in Roselawn

Bilker Foods in Roselawn

Harvey sold the store in 1989. Life was all about adventure and travel after he retired. Harvey was a big believer in doing things himself. He was self taught in computers. He enjoyed ham radio, target shooting, old cars and motorcycles. He was always building something or learning something new.

Harvey learned to fly in his 40’s. He flew Cessnas and that gave him the opportunity to travel all over the country. He especially loved flying to the Dominican Republic several times a year. He also enjoyed flying out west and to Canada and various other places.

He was a member of the Air Mens Club, a group of pilots who got together for dinner, holidays and trips. When that group dismantled Harvey was invited to another group called the ROMEOs — “Retired old men eating out.” He enjoyed being with other men and they enjoyed him.

Harvey’s next group was at the Jewish Community Center. He went to meetings and lunch several times a week. He found new friends and old friends which gave him something to look forward to.

Harvey was very intelligent, independent and curious about everything in life and will be missed by many.

Harvey passed away on January 11, 2021.

Memorial contributions can be made to the Senior Center at the Mayerson Jewish Community Center.