Dear Editor,

To properly understand the rationale and behavior of the radical Left/Anarchists/BLM/AntiFa mobs, I strongly recommend reading "Communism and the New Left-What They Are Up to Now,” by Joseph Newman, published by Books by US News and World Report back in 1969.

It will open your eyes to the ultimate aim of these groups--the destruction of our Constitutional Republic, history (good and bad) and traditions of our nation.  This has been progressing since the 1950's, starting with infiltration of anti-American Marxist activists into our unions, public schools and institutions of higher learning. We need to decide who we want in the Oval Office in these perilous times--someone actively pursuing law and order following our Constitution, or another with no positive agenda to guide our nation forward in the years ahead.

Seymour Broad

Cincinnati, OH

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed and angered to see the letter to the editor on July 2nd from Uzi Kattan. His rant made inflammatory, offensive claims without basis in fact, and horribly misrepresents Judaism. 

It's hard to reply to Uzi's points because they were all over the map and unsupported by fact. To begin with, he referred to George Floyd as "Floyd George" which clearly shows he isn't paying attention to real news sources. To then say that "Black Lives Matter is an anti-Semitic communist organization" he is lazily repeating falsities perpetuated by right-wing talking points. If BLM is so anti-Semitic, why did 400 Jewish groups throughout the US sign on to show support? Jews, of all people, should recognize oppression and discrimination and stand up as allies. 

Uzi also wrongly depicts the peaceful protests that have occurred globally as “riots.” Yes, the protests occasionally escalated, but riot police, using tear gas and rubber bullets, played a part in these escalations. Even our President authorized the use of tear gas to clear a peaceful gathering in order to create a superficial, cringe-worthy photo op. Finally, I'll remind Uzi and all your readers that protesting and demonstrating are protected rights in our country.

Kattan’s rant ends with false remarks about Judaism’s approach to homosexuality and transgender people. The Judaism I know calls for loving all humans and embracing diversity. The Jewish legal tradition, in both the Mishnah and Kabbalah, does not present gender as binary (male/female) or as a grid into which every person must be forced to fit.  Rather, gender diversity has always been a spectrum, truly a rainbow of possibilities for reflecting the Image of God.

We feel bad for “small” people like Kattan who have such a narrow-minded, scared view of the world. 

Sam Knobler

Delray Beach, FL

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