Dear Editor,

Duke Energy is quietly planning to construct a 12 mile long transmission line decimating property along the way without regard to the lives they disrupt. Duke has indicated that this Central Corridor Pipeline serves the needs of Cincinnati citizens by providing dependable sources of gas from Mason south to Cincinnati’s central core. Why are they building an unprecedented 30” diameter pipeline with 720 lbs. of pressure providing a virtually unmonitored target for domestic terrorists? This line passes through Blue Ash and Amberley near synagogues and a substantial Jewish population.  A more prudent use of money and preservation of our natural resources would be to expand capacity on existing pipelines and construct new pieces along less populous routes. Why disrupt the lives of thousands of homeowners, decrease their property values, and put a potential “San Bruno” explosion hazard in their backyards? This makes no sense, but will evidently make a lot of dollars for Duke when the gas continues south of Cincinnati. Duke, shame on you for trying to sell our city out!


Glenn Rosen

Blue Ash

Dear Editor,

Although there is much useful statistical information in the Sharon article (Demographics and Decisions..., April 28 issue of the Israelite), there is one conclusion from Sharon I would like to take issue with: And that is the claim by Dr. Shenkin (an interviewed demographer at the University of Miami),  that in order to be scientific one must believe in the concept of climate change.

 Let me quote the pertinent passage in the article: “Another reason Jews lean Democratic is that they are very pro-science... and support the scientific consensus on climate change.”

 I believe that many people who believe in the concept of climate change (which was once called "global warming" but was changed to "climate change" because many meteorologists—including some very reputable ones—disagreed with global-warming's validity-even though they had once agreed) are avidly interested in jumping on the Albert Gore bandwagon before it leaves the fairground.

 Also, instead of analyzing "climate-change's" specific definition, many let their liberal political beliefs color their support-after all only a larger and more domineering government can do something to control the change of climate.

 It should be added (although this isn't my main point) that climates have always changed: "Climate-change" is nothing but a resonant tautology, since climates for millennia have always changed; that is, climates have an average; a trend away from the average; and a trend toward the average.

 Now a significant majority of  the  "scientific" members of the pre-eminent organization that supports climate change are not physical scientists at all, but are rather lay people and soft-science PhD's.  But as I said, what really drew my attention to this article was the passage where Dr. Shenkin expostulated that: "Jews support the scientific consensus on climate change."

 This is interesting to me. In the early 1900's there was a science whose consensus was accepted by many in the scientific community. This was the science of phrenology, and said that the Negro was scientifically  proved to be inferior intellectually because of the measurements and shape of his skull.

 Many more examples of scientific-consensus being wrong and even bigoted can be found throughout history, from the germ theory of medicine to the earth-centric belief of the universe.  But I'd like to focus on this:  In Germany, during the 30's an  40's, scientific consensus was that Jews were descended from apes and rats.

 So, my inevitable question is this:  Did enough Jews survive to form a consensus on this theory?


Bryan Taplits

Amberley Village

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