Dear Editor,

I would have more sympathy with Toni Kamin's point of view ("I didn't think I'd be afraid to be Jewish in France, but I am") in her August 19, 2021 column, if it hadn't taken her nearly a half century of shutting her eyes to antisemitism before flicking them open again and taking in an eyeful of reality.  

Yes, there is antisemitism — not only in France, but all over the world; The Israelite headlines the most timely and egregious examples of it). 

So the question becomes, not why antisemitism should be practiced in France (there is "evil" in the world and there are evil people who avidly want to trigger it), but why it took her so long to see to see this "evil" for what it is. Why did it take her so long to recognize this danger?

You would think that any Jew who remembers the Holocaust would realize that there is no bridge too far for an antisemitic-outlier to cross if it means he/she can murder one more Jew.

After all, don’t you realize this?  There is a whole nation that was created (and hopefully will forever thrive) dedicated to the proposition that Jews will always need a berth of safe haven.  

Why do they need a safe haven? Because without one, Jews are fated to endure more pogroms and holocausts. Why should this happen? Because many non-Jews see Jews as a minority whose lives do not matter, and whose breathing apparatus is of little more worth than a rodent’s.

I guess, my final words to Ms. Kamins are these:  "Welcome to the real world.  What took you so long?”



Bryan Taplits

Blue Ash, OH

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It's good to know to know now. I was looking for this a long time now and I read something like that on this website too

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