Netanel "Ted" Deutsch

Netanel "Ted" Deutsch

Rosh Hashanah 5780

I always have mixed feelings as we approach Rosh Hashanah every year during the final month of the year- Elul. At times I feel worried about what the new year will bring and at times I wonder about the bad events that will happen. I think of who will live and who will die. I have to pause as I think about this. I am worried, I am filled with dread when I think of who amongst us will pass on. I also think of all the wonderful events that are going to happen this coming year – that we have no way of knowing will occur. I know I am not alone in having these feelings. Elul helps me focus on the many events that happened over this year that is ending. I also think about the many gifts that will happen over this coming year and all the wonderful events and time I will spend with many of you of my family and friends and staff and readers during this coming year.

Every year I have a new word for the year. This year I have two words for the year and they are- Due Diligence. We should take the time to look into some of the statements others make in life, in business and in politics. With all that we process on a daily basis it seems to me that we need to bring more civility and more accountability back into our daily dealings with others. That honesty and truth be brought back into our everyday dealings with others. I feel this will straighten out many of the plagues of our modern society. We should be honest and truthful in business and in all our dealings with others. 

Since we are approaching Yom Kippur as you read this I ask you to forgive me for any harm I have done to you. If I need to speak with you in person I would be happy to visit. I can only ask you to forgive me if I know that you have a concern. If we both don’t speak up neither one can be forgiven. Forgiveness and forgiving are a very powerful gift that we can give to each other. Now is the time to reach out and ask. Now is the time to mend old relationships and begin the new year on a new course. Once again, if I have harmed you in any way please forgive me.

With all of the challenges we face every day and the state of the world we live in today, take a moment to appreciate all that you have been given. To appreciate all that you personally have accomplished in life and all the blessings that will come in the future. Hug your family and tell them that you appreciate them, that you are glad they are in your life. It may sound corny but people respond to and appreciate this small but meaningful gesture.

I want to thank my bright and capable and lovely wife Stephanie for being my partner in life and being my best friend. I also have to add that she puts up with me. I know that it is your forgiveness and love that I value the most of all those that are closest to me. I enjoy our life and time together and the blessings that will be coming this year and in the years to come.

I want to personally thank all of our advertisers that support us and make all of this possible. I also want to thank all of our dedicated and loyal subscribers that also make all of this possible, and you the readers that support us in print and online. To all of you – thank you and may you have a great and healthy and happy new year.

I want to publicly thank the entire staff of The American Israelite Newspaper and Website. To all of you, thank you. May you and all of us and this great old Jewish Newspaper be blessed with another year of health and happiness and parnasa. A year filled with easy challenges and minimal lows and wonderful highs. I might also add that a few wonderful surprises is always welcome.

To all my family and friends, may all of you and this entire community have a wonderful year. I hope all of you are healthy, that all of you are happy and that all of you appreciate the gifts you have been given.

Happy New Year to all,

Netanel “Ted” Deutsch

Editor in Chief-Publisher

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