Hadassah member visits young kidney patient

Pediatric kidney patient Jana, 10, with Hadassah National Secretary Carol Ann Schwartz, who delivered gifts from Hadassah’s Cincinnati chapter during Hadassah's One Hundredth National Convention, which brought more than three hundred and fifty Hadassah members from across the United States to Israel.

November 15, 2022. Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother and Child Center, Jerusalem. Courtesy of Hadassah


In Jerusalem on Tuesday, Cincinnati resident and Hadassah National Secretary Carol Ann Schwartz took time out from Hadassah’s one hundredth national convention, the occasion that had brought her to Israel, to visit a young kidney patient named Jana. Jana is the 10-year-old patient of Dr. Oded Volovelsky, the award-winning head of Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem’s pediatric nephrology unit, who is recovering at Hadassah’s Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother and Child Center after Dr. Volovelsky stabilized a dangerous infection that had developed in her one and only kidney.

Jana’s face lit up when she saw Schwartz, who came bearing two additions to Jana’s prized collection of stuffed animals: a stuffed sloth and a stuffed orangutan. With her mother and Dr. Oded translating, Jana, who speaks Arabic, shared a special moment with Schwartz, who had stopped by to see Jana while making a special delivery to the children’s ward of toys, clothes and hand-knitted blankets sent by the members of Hadassah’s Cincinnati chapter. 

Schwartz has a longstanding and special connection to Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, to the children’s ward and to Dr. Volovelsky forged during the doctor’s four-year fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center. In Israel and beyond, he is known for the multidisciplinary children’s dialysis clinic he runs and for his groundbreaking research.

Schwartz usually makes at least one visit to Israel each year and always brings gifts for the children at the hospital. For Schwartz, a deeply committed Hadassah leader and a major donor, family is key. She has even gotten her own children involved in supporting pediatric care at Hadassah. 

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