The Board of Trustees of the Jewish Home of Cincinnati, Inc. (JHC), previously known as the Cedar Village Board of Trustees, is pleased to announce its transformation into a grantmaking organization. JHC will begin accepting proposals that align with our mission to support Greater Cincinnati Jewish seniors (ages 65+) by investing in innovative services and programs. During the Fall cycle, JHC will distribute approximately thirty thousand dollars in awards. Grant size will vary based upon funding opportunities. Organizations may submit up to two proposals for the same grant cycle but not for a repeat project. JHC will initiate two grant cycles per year beginning in 2022.

Applicants must be qualified charitable nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations as determined by IRS regulations. The application process and eligibility criteria are available on the JHC website. Eligible nonprofits are invited to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) by Friday, October 8, 2021.

Pending approval of the LOI, organizations will be notified and invited via email to submit a grant application. The online grant proposal deadline is Thursday, November 4 at midnight. Decisions will be communicated to the grantees in early December, with funds distributed in December.

“JHC stewardship is guided by Jewish values and principles of honoring our seniors and that they deserve to age with dignity, compassion and respect in our community,” said Patti Heldman, Board Chair. She added, “Awarding grants will allow JHC to build upon the legacy of its past and invest in the future of our community by enriching the well-being of Jewish adults. We want to positively impact Jewish Seniors’ lives as they age in the home of their choice. We encourage qualifying nonprofits aligned with our values and with innovative project ideas to apply.”

Nina Perlove, Executive Director, JHC expanded on the types of innovation sought: “We want to see innovation in proposals for projects in which techniques, methods, or tools used will enrich and impact seniors. They may be experimental, new, or perhaps have been utilized or tested elsewhere but are new to this region. Innovation could mean adapting or expanding an existing program in an incremental or creative new way. We want to encourage providers to think outside the box, be willing to experiment, and willing to test something new and take risks.”


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