Courtesy of Google Analytics & Murlin Stats via

Courtesy of Google Analytics & Murlin Stats via


The American Israelite website received an average of close to two and a third million clicks per month, with over thirty-one thousand unique visitors during the first six months of 2020. Total numbers of both hits (more than two million three hundred thousand) and visitors (more than thirty-six thousand) to the website peaked in March, at the height of the Covid-19 crisis, but began rising again in June, tracking the resurging numbers of local cases of coronavirus—back to nearly two million hits and over twenty-four thousand visitors.

The American Israelite website  has spiked in popularity with the Millennial generation in the first half of 2020. Visitors in the 25-34 year-old range surpassed those of any other age group during the first half of 2020, followed by those 65+ years old. These two groups each comprise more than twenty percent of the total visitors to the website. Men outnumber women approximately fifty-five percent to forty-five. 

Readers in the 25-36 year-old age range are considered the most desirable demographic by many advertisers. Website visits by the 25-36 year-olds began their rise in March 2019, when The American Israelite website was reformatted to be mobile-friendly.

Half of all visitors go directly to The American Israelite website—clearly the Jewish community in Cincinnati knows our URL. Apart from the usual search engines and social media platforms, the American Israelite’s daily email newsletter provides an important portal to the website.

Visitors to the website come from all over the world. The largest group, obviously, are from the U.S. and Canada, but those are followed by the United Kingdom, Israel, and Australia. The country in continental Europe with the largest number of website visitors is Germany, followed by France, and the Netherlands; there are also visitors from India and Pakistan.

Some local news stories have been top hits, but the most consistently popular categories of stories are Arts and Entertainment, followed by several of The American Israelite’s advice and cultural columns. Popular columns include Jewz in the Newz, Advice from Dr. Ruth Nemzoff, Legally Speaking by Marianna Bettman, A Legal Look by Michael Ganson, Dining Out by Bob Wilhelmy, Food Fun Kosher by Gayle Schindler, and Community Connections by Cathy Sachs Hollander.

The largest group of users spend between one and three minutes on the website, which probably indicates that they read several stories. Regular visitors to the website visit approximately every two to three days.

 The American Israelite connects Jewish Cincinnati in print, via our email newsletter, and through our website. It has the attention of the rising generation of young adults, and it is where the Cincinnati Jewish community turns for information during a crisis such as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Stay tuned for a major announcement from The American Israelite in the coming weeks.

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