The Mayerson JCC is ready for an event packed Fall.

The Mayerson JCC is ready for an event packed Fall.



The Mayerson JCC has a packed Fall calendar filled with noteworthy events including exclusive members-only offerings, as well as opportunities available for the greater Cincinnati community. 

The non-profit organization has maximized their upcoming offerings by collaborating with JCC’s across the nation. This has opened new doors and brought unique and exclusive access to new audiences who may not have been able to participate before.  

Take a front row seat from the comfort of your home for the nation-wide Book Fest in Your Living Room. The public is invited to hear first-hand about the writers’ literary perspectives and inspirations that created the acclaimed novels. The lineup includes over 25 of the most-talked about authors, including Michael J. Fox, John Grisham, and Nancy Grace to name a few. 

They have implemented new ways for its members and the community to access programs by offering in-person, virtual, and additional outdoor fitness classes as a hybrid alternative. In addition to an extensive list of in-person and virtual offerings available to members, they are now introducing outdoor fitness classes so that all members can engage comfortably. The installation of the Outdoor Fitness Tent and new class offerings at Amberley Park invite the community to stay active in an open-air environment. 

The initial pivot led to revamping the engagement strategies, providing unique accessibility and offerings. “From November 8-12, the community is invited to participate in the first-ever, virtual Oy Vey 5K. Choose your own 3.1-mile course, and bring the family in on the fun – we will be cheering you on every step of the way,” said Marc Fisher, CEO.

Additionally, the pivot allowed for the Mayerson JCC to support families as schools transitioned to a hybrid or fully virtual setting by offering a new program, All Day at the J. This program combines virtual learning with a fun and safe “camp-like” environment, setting your children up for success in the classroom through engaging activities to keep both their brain and bodies active. 

In an effort to continue living their mission to connect people so that they can live happier and fuller lives, they have challenged the status quo, taking risks and notable measures to bring vibrancy and value into the community. 

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