John and Danielle Marx have owned Marx’s Hot Bagels since 1969. He has sold it to Y.Y. Davis.

John and Danielle Marx have owned Marx’s Hot Bagels since 1969. He has sold it to Y.Y. Davis.


Marx Hot Bagels is under new ownership.

The long-time bagel shop in Blue Ash was sold recently to Y. Y. Davis, who bought it from John and Danielle Marx.

Marx has owned the shop since 1969 when he took over a company that was in bankruptcy. He got his start in baking at Kroger’s at Eight and State streets in Lower Price Hill.

After moving to several other bakeries, and taking a job as a bouncer in Mount Adams, he heard about a bagel shop in Roselawn that was in bankruptcy. 

One of the attorneys involved in the court case asked Marx if he wanted to try to turn it around. He agreed, and then was given the chance to own the business. He renamed it Marx’s Hot Bagels.

At one time, Marx had three shops, now it is down to one store. Many people in the Marx family have worked at the bagel shop over the years.

It has expanded its menu to now sell 30-plus varieties of bagels baked fresh daily, sandwiches, soups, salads, vegetarian options and fresh pastries. Its best seller is a white albacore tuna on bagel; also popular are egg salad and a nova lox and cream cheese sandwich.

The shop is certified by Cincinnati Kosher/Vaad Hoier of Cincinnati. The bagels are made from high gluten, unbleached flour, and contain no preservatives; they are baked on stone shelves and contain no butter or oil.

“When we started the food trays, they were mostly for shivas that customers wanted them, but now people in the Jewish community rely on us for trays at the holidays too,” said Danielle Marx, John’s wife. “We have a complete catering menu of the trays we offer, so people can have just about anything they want in the way of vegetables and spreads and bagels that we make.”

John Marx is known for his sometimes over-the-top personality. He has been known to dress down one or more employees for a lapse in how things are meant to be done at this deli. 

“People think I am too hard on my employees. They say: ‘How can you work for him?’ because of the way I am. But if I am so hard on them, why do they stay here?” Marx asked rhetorically. 

He went on to point out that eight or so of his employees had been working at the bagel shop for 10 or more years, one for 29 years. 

Y.Y. Davis has just started to learn the Marx’s Hot Bagel business this week. He has no plans to make any changes, with the exception of expanding the menu.

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