Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen


The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati has named Joshua Rosen as the development officer for Create Your Jewish Legacy (CYJL). 

He will coordinate and manage the participating organizations in the program to ensure their success in maintaining legacy programs. 

As the CYJL development officer, Rosen will also work with Federation supporters on creating their own personal legacy gifts, and he will work to meet the community goals of the CYJL program. Rosen filled an existing, open position on the CYJL team. 

“I have been with the Federation in Cincinnati about four months, and already in that time, it has become clear why the Jewish community of Cincinnati is so unique,” Rosen said. “I have felt its warmth and welcoming nature, and I have seen its proclivity towards giving back. Create Your Jewish Legacy has always been a community-wide effort, and the success of the program speaks to the cohesiveness and giving spirit of the community. It’s no coincidence that Cincinnati’s CYJL program is leading the way nationwide.”

Rosen comes to the Jewish Federation from Chicago, where he worked as a development associate at Jewish Child & Family Services. Prior to that, he served as a counselor at the Addictions Treatment Program, also near Chicago. Rosen has a Master of Arts degree in nonprofit management and leadership from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he graduated magna cum laude. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Lake Forest College in Illinois. 

“We are so excited to have Joshua join our development team,” said Debra Steinbuch, director of Planned Giving and Endowment/CYJL. “Joshua brings to this position not only his education in nonprofit management and leadership but his past experience in the nonprofit sector in Chicago. 

“Joshua has quickly immersed himself in the Cincinnati Jewish community. He is compassionate and forward-thinking. In his short time here, he has developed a great understanding of the need for legacy commitments and its importance in sustaining a vibrant Jewish community here in Cincinnati.”

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