Elaine Kaplan

Elaine Kaplan


Rockwern Academy announced the retirement of Elaine Kaplan on Monday, June 22, 2020, after more than two decades of service.

Elaine has been a beloved member of the Rockwern community since 1998.  She began her career here as a Language Arts teacher, sharing her love of reading and inspiring hundreds of students to become voracious readers and critical thinkers.  Since 2013, Elaine has fulfilled various administrative roles at Rockwern, including one year as Interim Head of School.  Most recently, she served as a principal, oversaw the S3 (Student Support Services) department and assisted with student matters, faculty supervision, and curriculum development for K-8 students.

As a teacher, Elaine introduced Rockwern middle school students to Power of the Pen, an interscholastic creative writing competition, and many of her students received awards at the regional and state level.  Elaine also introduced the middle school students to JCAT, a simulation experience in which students engage in history and current events in ways that are dialectical and imaginative.

Throughout her years at Rockwern, Elaine has been a trusted colleague, an ambassador for the school, a dedicated staff member, and a teacher of teachers and students.  Each day at Rockwern, she brought her warmth, her wise ideas, and her deep commitment to supporting all learners and our incredible faculty.

Retirement congratulations

Retirement congratulations


 Rabbi Laura Baum, Head of School, wrote:

I am personally grateful to Elaine for her partnership with me these past few years.  Her advice was invaluable as I transitioned into my new role as Head of School. Over more than two decades, serving in multiple positions, Elaine’s dedication to Rockwern has strengthened our school, inspired our staff, and influenced countless students.  Please join me in wishing Elaine a mazel tov (congratulations)! 

When our ancestors concluded a time of study, they recited the Rabbis’ Kaddish which includes prayers for the blessing of scholars and their disciples.  Elaine, in the words of that prayer:

May you be blessed and strengthened as you have blessedand strengthened your student[s].

May you find peace, grace, kindness, mercy, long life, and everything you need.

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