American Jewish Committee (AJC) launched a groundbreaking Arabic-language online video series aimed at increasing understanding of the Jewish people in the Arab world.

 Titled ‘An al-Yahud, or “About the Jews,” the videos will focus on various aspects of contemporary Jewish life, Jewish history, and current issues of importance to the Jewish people. They are presented in a manner designed to be relevant to Arabic-speaking audiences.

 The inaugural two-minute video released on Jan. 30 (available also in English), an animated short, offers viewers an introduction to the Jewish people, its history, and its diversity. The second video, about the history of Muslim-Jewish relations, will be released in mid-February. Additional videos will follow every few weeks.

AJC also launched Arabic-language pages on social media, which will be used to promote ‘An al-Yahud and foster conversation around the topics addressed in the videos.

“AJC has long been a pioneer in cultivating closer ties between the Jewish people and Arab and Muslim communities,’” said AJC CEO David Harris.

 “This innovative new video series will enable us to expand the conversation by telling the Jewish story to the Arab world from a Jewish perspective, which many viewers may never have heard before.”

 The launch of ‘An al-Yahud is part of AJC’s extensive and long-standing engagement with the Arab and Muslim worlds. It comes less than a week after the historic visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau of the most senior delegation of Muslim leaders ever to tour any Nazi death camp, an event organized by AJC and accompanied by the organization’s senior leadership.

“For us, the single most important inter-religious challenge in the 21st century is the transformation of Muslim-Jewish relations,” said Harris. “As AJC continues its deeply-rooted commitment to promoting Christian-Jewish relations, we also embrace the immensely significant challenge of deepening friendship and cooperation with Muslims around the world.”

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