American Israelite web stats.

American Israelite web stats 

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You don’t find many news sites that are 165 years old still growing – and growing steadily but the American Israelite newspaper and website continue to grow.

The website continues The American Israelite’s mission of Connecting Jewish Cincinnati.

In just the first seven months of this year the site has increased its visitors from about 8,800 to over 12,400. Just last month, the new visitors count was over 7,000 readers. Returning visitors reached more that 5,000 in July.

A visitor is considered a user who has visited the site either in a new browsing session or after 30 minutes of inactivity. 

Also increasing is the amount of hits the American Israelite website is getting. In July alone, the number of hits jumped about 240,000 to about 1,732,000. Judging by industry standards, 1.7 million hits this a month is a tremendous number.

Digital advertising is also growing. The desktop version is getting 6,000 impressions a month, with a click-through rate of 5 percent. The industry standard for a good click-through rate is 2 percent.

Mobile advertising has just begun, and has been receiving 7,500 impressions a month, with a click-through rate of 2 percent.

The website design allows for better and more responsive – and easier – search options to appeal to multi generations.

The website continues to do well because it is easy to read no matter the size of the screen it is viewed on – it sizes to fit your screen, and will not cut off any of the page. That makes it a reader-friendly webpage, easy to view at any time.

The easy-to-read format is engaging, with drop-down tabs that make it easy to navigate to find the information you need – and find it quickly.

The weekly print edition in its entirety is uploaded onto the website each Friday.

This year we have added several features that draw visitors. A new food column, Foody Fun Kosher, by Gayle Levine-Schnidler; and a travel column, Checking Inn, by veteran travel agent Herb Reisenfeld.

We also have the columns you have come to enjoy including Legally Speaking by former Judge Marianna Bettman, Iris Pastor’s Incidentally Iris, and the Jewish social scene, Community Connections, by Kathy Hollander.

In the coming months new advertising products will be rolled out on the website. Stayed tuned to all of the new ways to utilize greater potential for your business as The American Israelite website continues to grow.

Come prosper with us!  Unlock the potential of your business by contacting us about this new platform - digital advertising.

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