Whitney Fisch

Whitney Fisch


The Board of Directors of Hillel at Miami University is pleased to announce that Whitney Fisch has been selected as the new Executive Director of Hillel at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  She follows Marcy Miller who is retiring after holding the position for nine years.

Fisch comes to Hillel at Miami University from Los Angeles, California, where she was the Upper School Director of Health and Wellness at Milken Community Schools.  She has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor of Arts from The College of Wooster.

She began her career in Jewish communal work in 2003 as the Director of Jewish Student Life at the University of Georgia.  Next, she was the Graduate and Young Professional Program Director for the Hillels of  Illinois,  During her time as a Hillel professional she was able to take advantage of living and learning in Israel for a summer through Hillel’s partnership with the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.  After a year as the Director of Outreach and Education at Chicago’s Jewish Council on Urban Affairs followed by a short stint at the University of Michigan Hillel, and under the supervision of now CEO of JewishColumbus, Joel Marcovitch, she returned to Israel to participate in the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.   

Her studies at the University of Michigan School of Social Work focused on community organizing with children and youth, and she has spent the last 10 years working in Jewish day schools as a school counselor and education administrator. Her personal and professional goals in life have always led from the proactive.  “I want to create structures, programs, and systems that allow young people to not only survive but to thrive, and I want to do so while role modeling the leadership and thoughtful communication that I hope to cultivate in the young people I serve,” she noted. 

In addition to building a career as a school counselor and parent coach, she also has a passion for cooking and Jewish learning.  She and her husband Jay are the proud parents of three children.

She commented, "My goals for my time at Hillel at Miami University are to build upon the momentum that Hillel's previous Executive Director, Marcy Miller, so beautifully began. I hope to build an actively engaged and passionate alumni base from all points of Ohio and the United States, while also building positive partnerships with other campus-based groups of marginalized student communities and the University administration.”

Robyn Lamont chaired the Search Committee which included Jennifer Chestnut and Carrie Darsky (Hillel International); Jessica Cantor and Jonny Maxwell (Miami University students); and Peter Bloch, Martha Dave, Julie Glazer, Beth Guttman, Gerry Korkin, and Jamey Kurtzer.

Gerry Korkin, President of the Hillel at Miami University Board, stated, “I knew it would be a challenge to find a new Executive Director when Marcy Miller announced that she would retire at the end of the 2020 school year.  She had vast experience at multiple Hillel campuses in her career before she came to Miami.  She connected us with the office of Dr. Gregory Crawford and Dr. David Hodge, both Presidents of Miami University, along with the school’s Vice President of Student Affairs, and the Dean of Students, Dean of Arts and Sciences, and Dean of the Farmer School of Business, Dr. Marc Rubin who served as our Hillel’s Treasurer.  Marcy connected us to the Jewish Federations of Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, and Columbus, and to many leaders of Hillel International.  I thank Marcy for raising Hillel at Miami University to be the top campus organization by allowing our students to learn to be leaders.”

He continued, “We are excited to welcome Whitney Fisch as our new Executive Director.  Whitney brings vast experience working with students.  Her presence during interviews demonstrated to the Search Committee that she has the ability to lead Hillel at Miami University and to be a leader on the campus and in Greater Cincinnati’s Jewish community.  We welcome the entire Fisch family.”

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