As of Monday, Oct. 25, the Jewish Fertility Foundation (JFF) has had its greatest fundraising year yet! With a matching grant from The Zalik Foundation and the Loftspring-Pelchovitz Family, JFF raised over a hundred and sixty thousand dollars towards fertility grants in just one week! These funds came from three hundred and twenty-one donors, including a hundred and nine first time donors.

CEO and Founder Elana Frank states: “We are grateful that so many individuals share our dream of supporting individuals when they are struggling in their family building journeys! Many of us have been there, and most of our donors have either experienced infertility themselves or have a close connection to someone who has had a challenging time having children. What is interesting about some of our donors is that JFF is often one of the only Jewish organizations they support IF they are supporting any at all. We love providing our donors an entre to give to the Jewish community for a cause that is meaningful to them!” 

JFF provides financial assistance, emotional support, and educational programming to individuals experiencing medical infertility in the communities it serves. The organization is headquartered in Atlanta, GA but now has offices in Cincinnati, OH, Birmingham, AL, and Tampa, FL, with plans to expand to three more communities in 2022. 

So far, JFF has distributed ninety-six grants totaling close to eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars and had seventy-one babies born from the organization, with forty-three women currently expecting. JFF has also provided emotional support and held educational programs for over a thousand five hundred individuals. Thanks to the funds raised, JFF can now provide even more fertility grants and emotional support to individuals experiencing medical infertility.  

Elana Frank shares: “Parenting can be really really challenging. But becoming a parent can be even harder. And without hope, there’s no chance you’re going to get to the other side.” 

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