A bottle of New Rift Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

A bottle of New Rift Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Though nothing replaces the magic of physically being together, the Mayerson JCC has adapted their programs and services to be enjoyed from your living room. One event in particular has the whole community talking: New Riff Bourbon – Tasting and Famous Bourbon Drinks. 

The nonprofit organization partnered with New Riff Bourbon to bring a new, flavorsome experience. The virtual event is offered to those who are ages 21 and over, with the deadline to purchase your ticket by Thursday, Feb. 18. Tickets must be purchased prior to the deadline to ensure participants receive the Tasting Kits in advance of the featured event on Thursday, Mar. 4 at 7 p.m.

Each ticket purchase includes a Tasting Kit containing 200ml of bourbon, 200ml of rye, and recipe cards for two different cocktails. Ticketholders participate via Zoom, providing the community easy access to the unique and delicious whiskey tasting and cocktail demonstration. The interactive event will be led by key New Riff personnel. Mollie Lewis, New Riff’s Director of Sales, and Jay Dickerson, New Riff’s Cocktail Expert, will teach you the history behind the Kentucky-born, urban-bred distillery and their mission to be a “New Riff” on Kentucky Bourbon production. The New Riff experts will then guide you through an immersive sensory journey and interactive tasting. The live demonstration will teach guests how to make robust and flavorful signature cocktails with sweet aromatics that always impress the taste buds. 

New Riff Distilling prides themselves on their independent operation, owned by a single Kentucky family. “Independence fuels everything we do,” said Ken Lewis, New Riff’s Founder and President. He elaborated on their self-governing business and said, “But this way, we have the freedom to pursue quality with no short-term thinking or compromises. Freedom to innovate and collaborate, riff on the old and redefine the new.”

Innovation as a key driver is a commonality between the Mayerson Jewish Community Center and the Distillery, which served as the motivation behind the collaboration. Susan Bradley-Meyer, Director of Mayerson JCC’s 60 & Better Center, is most excited about this event and explained, “We are committed to create unique experiences that allow virtual audiences to fully immerse into our events and programs.” She continued, “We are challenged to connect with our community in the virtual norm that the pandemic has created. Though some may think this is an obstacle we must overcome, the J sees this as an opportunity to take risks and step out of the box. We are similar to New Riff as we are motivated by innovation and dedicated to provide unique experiences to our community.” 

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