Some of last year’s “MoMENtum” Dads

Some of last year’s “MoMENtum” Dads


Local dads are being offered an opportunity to spend a week in Israel with hundreds of like-minded Jewish fathers from across the United States.

The MoMENtum Israel trip is highly subsidized for qualifying Jewish men who have at least one child under age 18 living at home. Those with children under bar and bat mitzvah have an even better chance of being accepted.  

The week-long journey, slated for early November, includes some of Israel’s famous tourist sites as well as many that are rarely experienced by most Americans. A blend of spiritual, historic, and adventurous experiences are enhanced by some of Israel’s most captivating guides and educators. The MoMENtum trip includes a Shabbat in Jerusalem. An inspiring service at the Kotel is followed by dinner only a few hundred yards away overlooking the Temple Mount.

Another unique dimension of the MoMENtum trip is the focus on growing as a father and a husband. Inspiring speakers present fascinating and meaningful seminars that provide tools and techniques for enhancing all relationships and particularly those that are most important. Many past “momentum dads” have shared that their wives and children were the ultimate beneficiaries of this elevating experience. Even more importantly, many wives of these past participants made the same comment!

A sampling of the MoMENtum itinerary includes: the spiritual city of Tzfat, dinner at a prized winery, rappelling in the desert, a powerful tour of Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, an uplifting Kotel experience, and incredible lectures with dynamic motivational speakers.

The Men’s MoMENTum trip is coordinated locally by Kollel Partners and is heavily subsidized allowing the dads to pay far below “market-value.”

For more information, contact the Cincinnati Community Kollel.


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