Tuesdays with Torah is one of Isaac M. Wise Temple’s mainstays of the Adult Learning Program. It’s always on Tuesday, always at noon, always at Wise Center and always about Torah. It gives attendees an opportunity to take a middle-of-the-day break to feed their minds. Fascinating content led by expert Wise Temple rabbis and rabbinic interns provides a deeper understanding of the Torah and its meaning to Jewish lives.

Wise Temple is pleased to announce that beginning in June (and weather permitting), in-person classes will be held outdoors and the classes will also be viewable simultaneously online for those who cannot attend in person. If weather prohibits an outdoor, in-person class, attendees can still attend online.

“The Book of Lamentations” is presented by Rabbi Karen Thomashow on June 1, 8, 15 and 22. As we have endured grief over the past year, we turn to our ancestors’ book of grief, at a time in our Jewish calendar that is but weeks away from our day of historic mourning. Through our close reading of The Book of Lamentations, we will hopefully develop wisdom in our grief. 

“Third Century Rabbis: Twenty-First Century Justice” is presented by Rabbi Michael Danziger on June 29, July 6 and 13. For 18 centuries, Pirkei Avot has provided us with wisdom, ethical guidance, and some of Judaism’s most famous teachings. It is, however, a product of the context in which its authors lived.  We’ll explore what the teachings of the rabbis can instruct and inspire as we go about improving the world in our own day.

“Theodicy: Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?” is presented by rabbinic intern Jonathan Falco on July 20 and 27. This deeply human question has plagued both Jews and the religiously minded from time immemorial. While Harold Kushner’s “When Bad Things Happen to Good People” provides a framework from which to approach this issue, the inclusion of additional Jewish voices and theological perspectives serves to enrich our discussion. Please join us in a “tip of the iceberg” exploration as we study this topic together. 

“Why Israel Matters: A Deeper Guide to What Is Happening Today” is presented by Rabbi Lewis Kamrass on August 3, 10, 17 and 24. To understand the headlines in the complex reality that is the contemporary state of Israel, join Rabbi Kamrass who will explore the historical background that contributes to today’s cultural realities in Israel. While it may seem difficult to understand the headlines and brief news stories, coming to grasp the deeper historical and cultural forces that contribute to this confusing reality will give participants a better comprehension of the following topics: Multiple Elections and the Political Quagmire: why this continues and what forces contribute to it; Religious Freedom and Jewish Pluralism: why it happened and what are the forces to resolve it; and Peace Discussions: what has failed and why things do not move forward. After these sessions, participants will have a greater understanding of all they hear in the news and the capacity to explain the issues to others. 

Registration is required for Tuesdays with Torah classes.

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