Wise Temple has taken a fresh and inventive approach to programming for congregants age 70-plus. Put simply: Wise Temple has got it going on when it comes to WiseGen, the new group for experienced and ageless congregants age 70-plus. 

Knowing that the best connections often happen in small groups, and often among people experiencing the same life stages, Wise Temple assembled a team of congregants to create opportunities for WiseGen-ers to connect in both fun and meaningful ways. 

The WiseGen kickoff event will be “The Songs and Stories of Legendary Folk Singer Pete Seeger.” During this evening, Allan Winkler will play Seeger’s songs, tell stories of Seeger’s life, and anchor it all to important historical moments in the civil rights, labor, anti-war, and environmental movements. Winkler will bring to life the creation and impact of songs like “Turn! Turn! Turn!,” “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?,” and “If I Had a Hammer.”

Winkler is a congregant, retired history professor, and musician who worked directly with Seeger to write his biography. He sat in Seeger’s kitchen, talked about how his songs became the anchor of activism, and even had the honor of playing music with Seeger. This event will be an interactive and lively evening of music and history. 

Winkler retired as the chair of the history department and later associate dean at Miami University, after 29 years of teaching. He obtained his undergrad from Harvard and master’s from Columbia, and after a stint in the Peace Corps, obtained a doctorate from Yale. He is a specialist in recent American history and has published a dozen books on topics like WW II, the Cold War, the Nuclear Age, Franklin Roosevelt, and, of course, the biography of Pete Seeger. 

At this Pete Seeger event, to be held from 6:45-8:15 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 15, Wise Temple will be transformed into a casual coffee house where WiseGen-ers can lounge on couches, drink wine, kibitz, and enjoy the meaningful music and history of an artist who was especially influential during their lives. The Pete Seeger planning team (Peter and Randy Bloch, Danielle and Ken Revelson, Cindy Rovai, and Allan Winkler) have been working hard to ensure this first WiseGen event is outstanding. Pete Seeger event registration is required.

Other WiseGen events planned for the year include a Challah Bake with a Twist, Sukkot Hike with a Nature Guide, a Chanukah Bash, a TV Retro Party, and more. All events are top-notch programming with rich experiences to feed mind, body, and spirit. All events are at convenient times – whether WiseGen-ers are in the midst of their careers or retirement, evening and weekend times will fit busy schedules. Above all, events will be focused on connecting people at this similar stage of life, because it’s important to have a community that celebrates similar milestones and supports each other during similar challenges. Whether you grew up at Wise Temple or are new to the community, Wise Temple encourages those 70 and older to engage in WiseGen.

Note: WiseGen is not to be confused with NextGen, Wise Temple’s group for young adults age 21-34.

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