Holocaust Survivor Shares Her Story at Union Terminal for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Zahava Rendler


In commemoration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Holocaust survivor Zahava Rendler will share her story in front of hundreds of Cincinnatians at historic Union Terminal on January 29.

The Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center will host a special conversation with Holocaust survivor Zahava Rendler in Reakirt Auditorium at historic Union Terminal on January 29 at 12:30 p.m. In commemoration of International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the museum’s fourth anniversary at Union Terminal, the Holocaust & Humanity Center welcomes the public to hear from educator and Cincinnatian Zahava Rendler in conversation with Interim CEO David Wise.

“We are so fortunate to learn from Zahava’s wisdom, because she truly exemplifies what it means to be an upstander,” Wise said. “My personal connection to Zahava makes this event even more meaningful because I grew up learning from her as my teacher. She has touched so many lives throughout her years as an educator.”

Rendler was born Golda Feuerberg in Stryi, Poland on March 30, 1941. Rendler and her family hid in an underground bunker until her parents decided it was too dangerous and sent her to live with a Polish woman. The woman, fearing she would be discovered, placed Rendler in a convent where she survived and was found by her father.

Rendler will share her story and lessons and discuss her views on the recent rise in antisemitism and what we can do to fight hate and prejudice.

The public can register for the event online.

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