Wise Temple Brotherhood Sukkah builders

Wise Temple Brotherhood Sukkah builders



Sukkot has always been a favorite holiday for the Wise Temple Brotherhood. It is a joyous holiday of harvest and welcoming guests to share a meal. Once again this year, several members of Brotherhood volunteered their time and energy to erect Sukkot in individuals’ homes around town.  Led by Billy Bie, Scott Joseph, Lew Ebstein, Mark Newman, Mark Levine and Jason Heiman constructed Sukkot from Clifton to Montgomery to Wyoming and Amberley Village. These Sukkot around town permit congregants to enjoy the holiday with friends and family and join together for the mitzvah of shaking the lulav and etrog. Lew commented “bringing the holiday into congregant homes is always a very special mitzvah”.  In addition, on Sunday, September 26, the Brotherhood erected a sukkah in Washington Park for the ish Festival so the entire community could join in celebrating the holiday.

On Friday night, the Brotherhood, under the leadership of Rob Alpern, hosted another campout at Wise Center.  Maintaining Covid requirements, many families enjoyed Shabbat dinner, s’mores and songs around the campfire under the stars.  Camping out in temporary structures permits the participants to reenact the ancient Israelite experience. Breakfast the following morning was provided before all returned to the warmth and dryness of their homes.

This year, for the first time, Wise Temple Brotherhood erected their Sukkah kit at the Rose Warner House of Cincinnati Hillel in Clifton. The Cincinnati Hillel students enjoyed several group activities under the sukkah. On Thursday, the Wise Brotherhood hosted a BBQ luncheon for the students. At least 20-25 students attended and enjoyed the expertly prepared burgers and hot dogs. Manning the grill were Spencer Konicov and Ed Waterman. Roy Heizer, Mark Newman and Scott Joseph mingled with students and enjoyed the warm weather. The Hillel students were very appreciative of the Kosher meal and warm hospitality.

The Covid pandemic has not slowed down the Wise Temple Brotherhood. They continue to provide numerous safe activities and to contribute to the Wise Temple and broader community.

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