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A group of twenty six Cincinnati Jewish Moms travelled to Israel on the Cincinnati Jewish Experience Eight Day Momentum Israel trip, which took place October 31st - November 7th. The trip was a massive success, with participants highlighting their strengthened (and for some, newfound) connection to Israel, to Judaism and to the local Jewish community. 


Participant Melanie Blumental said: "Momentum connected me to twenty five Cincinnati Jewish women who I really didn't know prior to this trip. They truly all became family to me and I am forever grateful that they are a part of my life. Our relationship didn't end at the airport, it truly is just beginning."

Karina Kogan added that she "got a much better understanding of the importance of having a Jewish State and that Israel is for every Jew, not just Israelis." 

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Stephanie Jaffe said that her biggest 'take-home' from the trip was  "experiencing a place where Judaism is the 'norm.' I loved seeing Jews of all kinds filling the streets and going about their daily lives. I felt completely at home. I especially loved taking part in the pre-Shabbat excitement of the shuk in Jerusalem and joining the community for a joyful and meaningful Shabbat at the Kotel."


Highlights from the trip included a visit to the Ethiopian Heritage Center, Masada and the Dead Sea, the ancient City of Tsfat and Jerusalem. 

Applications are now being accepted for the Momentum Men's trip (May 1-7, 2023) and the next Momentum Women’s trip (July 10-17, 2023)

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