Courtesy of JNS Two Israeli F-35I Adir jets fly in formation

Courtesy of JNS

Two Israeli F-35I Adir jets fly in formation


“Earlier this year we thought the Israel Air Force (IAF) would have to reduce its operations across the Middle East — but reality dictated otherwise,” a senior IAF officer told Israel Hayom recently.

Col. G., the commander of the Ramon Airbase southwest of Beersheba, from which a considerable number of the IAF’s offensive missions are launched, said that operationally speaking, “This has been one of the most intense years we’ve had since the onset of the ‘campaign between the wars.’ We’ve mounted hundreds of strikes.”

The “campaign between the wars” is a strategic concept employed by the Israel Defense Forces that encompasses a host of covert and low-intensity military and intelligence efforts to prevent enemy states and terrorist organizations from becoming stronger. This effort focuses primarily on disrupting the force buildup of the Iranian-Shi’ite axis throughout the Middle East.

According to G., while the military would like to scale back the scope of its activities, “The rate at which we operate stems from the challenges posed by the other side.”

Commenting on both confirmed and alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria, G. noted that “over the past year alone, the number of surface-to-air missiles fired from Syria at Israeli aircraft has exceeded the number [fired] in wars. They’ve fired hundreds of missiles, everything they have.”

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