(JTA) — Amit, an educational network, has been ranked as the Jewish state’s top educational network for the third year in a row.

The network, which is funded by American-Jewish donations, runs more than a hundred schools in Israel.

Amit led the way in three of the seven categories used by the Ministry of Education in rating institutions, the Israeli business daily The Marker reported.

“The rating is a badge of honor for the AMIT educational system and the network’s teachers, especially in the periphery [outlying areas of Israel], where most of our schools are located,” Dr. Amnon Eldar, the network’s director general, said in a statement Thursday.

Following Amit on the overall list of the top seven networks, in order, are Bnei Akiva, Darca, ORT, Atid, Sakhnin and Amal. ORT is the largest educational network in Israel.

Some 165,000 students attend the approximately 300 high schools in the seven networks.

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