Man charged with making threats against Toulouse Jewish school that was site of 2012 shooting

Courtesy of JTA Photo credit: Eric Cabanis/AFP via Getty Images

A view outside the Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse, France, shortly after a gunman killed a rabbi and three students inside, March 19, 2012. 

 (JTA) French authorities have placed under judicial supervision a man who allegedly made threatening phone calls last month to a Jewish school in Toulouse that was the site of a deadly terror attack in 2012.

The 34-year-old suspect made one-hundred-sixty-three phone calls in total, reports show, including some to a hospital and to a Marseille surgeon.

“I fear that he could attack the Jewish community,” a public prosecutor said, according to The Times of Israel.

In March 2012, an Islamist gunman entered the Ozar Hatorah school and shot dead a rabbi and three young students, wounding four others. He was killed after a thirty-hour standoff with police.

The attack was often cited as one of the manifestations of a rise in antisemitism in France that drove a surge in French-Jewish immigration to Israel throughout the 2010s. In 2019, the shooter’s brother was sentenced to thirty years in prison as an accomplice in the attack.

The defendant who made the phone calls throughout January, and whose identity has not been publicly revealed, was described as without a permanent home and staying in hotels. Last week, a court in Castres ordered a psychiatric assessment and put him under supervision in his mother’s house in the town of Mazamet, in southern France, and they adjourned his case until March. 



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