Courtesy of JTA Photo credit: Juan Mabromata 

Templo Libertad synagogue in Buenos Aires, on June 8, 2017.


(JTA) – Synagogues in Buenos Aires can now stream services, but under strict regulations.

On June 8th, the city government issued a new regulation that allows the authorities of religious sites to enter to record or transmit online services.

May 12th will be the first Shabbat streamings from inside Buenos Aires synagogues since the coronavirus lockdown started nearly three months ago. Jewish schools and synagogues have been closed, and gatherings have been forbidden.

“We are very excited to enter again to the temple again,” Rabbi Adrian Fada of Congregation NCI-Emanuel told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “We will make a Zoom transmission so we can see the people and interact. That bond is very important for us.

Other non-Orthodox synagogues in the Belgrano neighborhood also will be broadcasting online.

Under the regulations, worshippers are not allowed and there is a limit of five people, who must wear masks and follow mandatory hygiene measures.

Argentina is under national lockdown at least until June 28, when new guidelines will be provided by the national government.

Buenos Aires is home to 159,000 Jews, according to the 2018 World Jewish Population study, in a country with a Jewish population of about 200,000. It has the 16th largest Jewish population of any city in the world — just after Toronto and ahead of Atlanta.

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