From Sunday, June 13 through Thursday, June 17, the Center for Israel Education will be holding our 20th annual weeklong workshop to train educators how to teach Israel as a real, imperfect place, without ignoring difficult questions, delivering pat answers or being unprepared to face criticism. 

The Center is a nonprofit, and nonpartisan organization that is dedicated to educating broadly about modern Israel and Zionism with documents and other primary sources; the Center supplies “Today in Israeli History” to The American Israelite. The Center has four primary goals:

•Promote the ongoing concept that Israel is an integral and essential part of modern Jewish history.

•Provide students, educators, and life-long learners with materials and trustworthy sources to engage with others about modern Israel.

•Train students and adults to become literate in the study of modern Israel by understanding the concepts of state-seeking, state-making, and state-keeping.

•Build digital resources through our robust website, conduct in-person consultations and workshops, webinars and on-line learning opportunities.

Teachers from day schools, synagogue schools, camps and national organizations are among the fifty-five to eighty-five educators who join us each year from across the United States, Canada, Mexico and beyond for the annual educators’ workshop; this year’s event is virtual. It will include sessions in the history and  culture of Israel, Palestinian-Israeli relationships, the connections between American Jews and Israel, and media views of Israel. Registration is required for virtual attendance.

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The goal of this workshop is to provide participants with an opportunity to learn about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from an educator's perspective and they planned to offer Bestonlinewritingservice for understudies help. Participants will discuss the history of Israel/Palestine, key issues at stake in the conflict and their implications for education, and best practices for teaching about it.

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