Sonovia Ltd, an Israeli start-up company based in  Ramat Gan, specializes in the use of a sono-chemical coating methodology designed at Bar Ilan University to create anti-microbial fabrics. Originally targeted to reduce the incidence of Hospital Acquired Infections (bacterial), the SonoMask has proven effective also against the spread of viral pathogens including the  Covid-19 virus. 

The heavy-weight fabrics have an  ultrasound based zinc-oxide textile coating that is biocidal to both bacterial and viral agents. The coating has been rated GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the Food and Drug Administration and has been verified by lab-certifications to be used for ninety industrial wash cycles with twelve hours use between cycles, providing more than a thousand hours of wear. Testing in the Microspectrum (Weipu Jishu) lab in Shanghai found that the Sonotech fabric neutralizes more than ninety percent of the coronovirus to which it is exposed, according to results released on Monday, June 22, 2020.

In comparison with N95 respirators, which do not filter exhalations, the SonoMask provides protection to both the wearer and others, deactivates the virus as well as filtering it, and has greater longevity,  giving it a lower price per hour of use.

In addition to standard size SonoMasks for adult users, on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, Sonovia announced the release of a fully-adjustable, children’s-size model. Children have been identified as “silent spreaders” in the ongoing spike in coronavirus cases in the Tel Aviv area — infected at high rates with the Covid-19 virus and infective to others, but asymptomatic so that their infection is not detectable without testing. Sonovia’s newly introduced anti-viral child-size masks are a valuable tool for the classroom and playground in order to reduce the overall impact of Covid-19 transmission and flatten the curve.

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