Scene75 is an entertainment center located in Vandalia, OH. The entertainment center is owned and operated by CEO Jonah Sandler who is a graduate of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati.

Scene75 first opened in the Dayton area in 2012. The business first began with just a social media page on the internet which grew to 23,000 fans before they opened in 2012. Due to their marketing talents and social media savvy experts they now have over 75,000 fans.

Jonah Sandler has been asked to speak at annual meetings and conferences about their social media efforts to help inspire and motivate other companies with their marketing efforts.

This past September, Scene75 opened up its second location in the Milford area. Jonah noted, “We have had such great success with our locations. We have over 400,000 visitors at each of our locations.”

At each Scene75 location you can find entertainment in the form of: A full service restaurant, two bars, indoor go–karts, two–story laser tag, black light mini golf , arcade games and many other features, Scene75 also hosts private corporate events, and holiday parties as well as Bar and Bat–Mitzvah celebrations. Both locations have private party rooms that can accommodate 330 to 1200 guests.

“Our entertainment center really is a fun place for all ages,” said Jonah.

Under the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), they hold an event each year called the Fame and Entertainment Center (FEC) event. This is for owners and senior Executives of entertainment centers.

Each year at this national convention for the amusement industries, it is a chance for entertainment centers to promote and grow their businesses. This convention spans over 9 miles of indoor and outdoor entertainment exhibits. In 2013, Scene75 won an award for Best Public Relations.

Each year they give out the FEC award to the best entertainment center in North America. To be eligible you must be in operation for three years. This year, Scene75 was eligible for the award and they were named one of the top three finalists.

“We were named one of the top three finalists, we didn’t win, but just to be nominated our first time being eligible to win was huge for us. We will just try again, and work to better things,” commented Jonah.

Jonah Sandler is confident and optimistic about the growth of his company. Having such success with the opening of his first location led to the opening of a second facility, and the number of visitors have continued to climb.

“Right now we are in the works at opening another location and working on the growth of the business,” said Jonah.

Scene75 has one to two special events a month. They host events such as: neon night, traffic light dating party, breakfast with Santa, which gets on average three–hundred guests per session.

Jonah mentioned, “We have a big indoor trick or treating event for Halloween. This was the first event that was really captured and noticed by our social media fans and has grown into a huge success. We get anywhere from 4,000 guests in a three–hour period at both locations that attend.”

When CEO Jonah Sandler was asked what separates Scene75 from other entertainment centers he wrapped up with this comment, “What separates us from others is our true passion for community. There are many entertainment centers our there who just open up a business and forget about it, whether that be with their marketing, etc. they just open their doors and let the business speak for itself and expect people to visit.

“At Scene75 we take a more holistic approach where we like to refer to ourselves as an entertainment community center as opposed to just an entertainment center.”

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