Couple has wrapped season 1 of 1960s/early 1970s Inspired kitschy comedy series

Pamela (Malof) Hill and William Joseph Hill

Married creative team Pamela (Malof) Hill and William Joseph Hill have just released the audio commentary for season one of their 1960s/early 1970s inspired kitschy comedy web series, “That Darn Girlfriend” on their Four Scorpio Productions YouTube channel.

Pamela is originally from Cincinnati, graduated from Walnut Hills High School and now lives in Hollywood, California.

“That Darn Girlfriend” delivers a blast-from-the-past feeling as it follows the innocent mishaps and misadventures of groovy live-in couple, Valerie and Vic. In the season finale titled “Timing Is Everything,” Valerie and Vic pay tribute to classic movie “Somewhere In Time” during a bittersweet dream sequence.

Produced under their Four Scorpio Productions banner, Pamela and William set out to create and star in a series that pays homage to classic sitcoms. The result is a nostalgic and campy romp, complete with a canned laugh track, simple-minded storylines and even filming in Fabulous Technicolor! 

The original idea for these characters started back in 1999, when Pamela created the theme song and lyrics for a project that had yet to be realized.

“I was inspired by hearing silly comments and gossip about people’s dating experiences. They struck me as funny, and so I crafted the catchy tune,” Pamela says.

The Hills are excited to release part one of their Behind The Scenes commentary. “Our fans have always been curious about how we make our web series on a zero budget,” William says. “We made this commentary to give an inside peek at our process behind the scenes and how we’re making our Hollywood dreams come true.” 

A Cincinnati native, coming from a very supportive family, Pamela has appeared in numerous stage, commercial, TV and film productions. She can be heard voicing many projects and is also a professional hand, print, and spokesmodel. Her credits include roles on NBC’s daytime drama “Days of Our Lives;” comedy web series “My Roommate the Party Planner” and “Dysfunctionally Organized;” and the indie short “The Visitation” opposite Owen Teague. 

As a Navy Brat, William lived in San Diego during his early years and then moved to Hawaii. It was during his island years that he began nurturing his interest in filmmaking and martial arts. Since then, he has been building a solid reputation on the indie scene and beyond. His film and TV credits include the viral hit “Westworld” parody “Look What Westworld Made Me Do,” and leading roles in “Eskimo” and “Crisis Management.”

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Thanks again Ted and The American Israelite for the article about our web series "That Darn Girlfriend"! :) We appreciate the positive support.
Here's a history -link to our 1st Season episodes:

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