Dear Editor,


 The Rule of Law (the principle that individuals and institutions  are subject to and accountable to laws that are fair and equitable) in the United States continues to erode. This is evidenced  by:

• Drivers not observing walk signs when pedestrians are crossing the street, driving through red lights, weaving in and out of traffic lanes without a turn signal. 

• Objects being thrown at police officers and fire persons while they are  performing their duties.

• Officials in sanctuary cities refusing to turn over undocumented migrants even if they have committed a violent crime.

• Parents involved in the college admission scandal saying they did nothing wrong.

• Media promoting stories that turn out to be false yet not apologizing for them.

There are many other examples but you get the point.

As we approach the High Holidays and seek Tesuhva (returning to be a better person in the New Year), let us remember the halakhic rule Dana d'Malkhuta Dina  – that the laws of the land are binding.

Why? Nations  whose citizens do not respect and follow the rule of law will not long endure.


Bob Schneider

Cincinnati, Ohio

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