Game of Thrones: Tribe Members!

Here’s the “Games of Thrones” (“GOT”) item I mentioned in my last column. A bit of background: I only got hooked on “GOT” in July, 2016. I then binge watched the show and I’m an avid fan now. If you don’t watch the show, pass this item to someone Jewish who does. They’ll love learning, as I did, that two characters, that every fan knows, are played by Jewish actors. I tried to find Jewish actors in “GOT” before, but I was stymied by the huge cast and, until 2016, not knowing who was important among the supporting characters. As I said last week, I got lucky when I vaguely recognized one actor’s name in the 7th season cast and my “mazel” continued as I found a 2015 article which ‘confirmed’ the second actor.

PAUL KAYE, 52, played Thoros of Myr (also known as “the Red Priest”) in “GOT.” His character died in the 6th episode of the 7th season. He is among the party, led by Jon Snow, that heroically travels “beyond the wall” to capture and bring back a zombie-like “wight.” Thoros is the “Lord of Light” drunken priest who, we learn in season 3, can “re-animate” (revive from death) Dondarrion, the leader of the Brotherhood without Banners.  Thoros revived Dondarrion six times, but his death means Dondarrion is no longer virtually immortal. In his last episode, we learn that Thoros, who dies fighting, was also a great (drunk) warrior in his youth.  To watch Thoros in one seamless narrative---log on to Youtube and enter this: “The Fate of Thoros of Myr”.  A fan has edited together the scenes that Thoros appears in, along with some lead-in contextual scenes.

Kaye grew-up in London. He became famous in the U.K. in the 1990s as “Dennis Pennis,” a satirical radio and on-the-street TV host. He did “Ali G” type comedy (including phony interviews of celebrities) before there was an Ali G and you can find quite a few “Dennis Pennis” Youtube videos.  Since 2000, he has mostly acted, appearing on TV and on the stage. In 1984, he took a year off from college to work on an Israeli kibbutz (I think it was Kibbutz Gvar-am, hear the Gaza border). There he met his wife, ORLY KATZ. They wed in 1989 and have two sons (JORDY, 25, and GEFFEN, 12). His mother-in-law, SHULI, lived on Kibbutz Gvar-am and worked as a kibbutz nurse before retiring. In 2009, she was killed, on the kibbutz, by a rocket launched from Gaza.

ANTON LESSER, 65, plays Qyburn, the evil ally of evil Queen Cersei. Qyburn, we learn early on, was stripped of his title “Maester” (scientist/scholar) for doing unethical experiments. It certainly wasn’t ethical when he revived the almost dead knight, called “the Mountain”, and turned him into a zombie-like killer. Among other “lowlights”: Qyburn presided over the murder of the former head Maester and he invented a catapult that launched a huge spear that wounded a “good” dragon. Lesser, who is best known as a Shakespearean stage actor, won a British “Emmy” (“BAFTA Award”) for playing Sir Thomas More in the BBC mini-series “Wolf Hall”. In 2015, he played Charles Dickens’ Jewish character Fagin on-stage and he told a reporter that he is Jewish in real life.

New on the Tube

“The Good Doctor” starts on Sept. 25 on ABC and new episodes air on Mondays at 10PM. Freddie Highmore stars as Shaun Murphy, a surgeon with autism and savant syndrome who joins the pediatric dept. of a prestigious hospital. RICHARD SCHIFF, 62 (“The West Wing”) co-stars as Aaron Glassman, the president of the hospital. He’s Murphy’s friend and long-time mentor.

At the Movies: Opening Friday, September 22

“The Lego Ninjango Movie” is an animated film that should appeal to young viewers. A battle rages for Ninjago City. On one side there is young Lloyd, AKA the Green Ninja (voiced by DAVE FRANCO, 32), and his five secret warrior friends. Among them is Nya, the strong, gray Ninja of Water. Nya is voiced by ABBI JACOBSON, 33, the co-star of the hit comedy “Broad City.” On the other side, there’s the evil warlord Garmadon (Justin Theoroux), who also happens to be Lloyd’s dad.

JAKE GYLLENHAAL, 36, stars in “Stronger.” He plays Jeff Bauman, a  survivor of the horrific Boston Marathon bombing. The film is based on Bauman’s real life memoir of the same name. It chronicled how he coped with the loss of legs. There is real Oscar buzz around Gyllenhaal’s performance.

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