In the Beginning: 1854

The columns of the Israelite will contain weekly a collection of all the events transpiring among the Israelites of our own and of foreign countries, numerous correspondents, both in America and Europe, will continually supply us with interesting information which will be set before the public week after week. Our columns will also contain essays and dissertations on, as well as extracts from the history of Israel; and it will be our particular effort to throw light on the darkest passages of history.

— July 14, 1854

 150 Years Ago


Goldsmith.—Cincinnati, Thursday, August 11, at 12 1/2 A. M., wife of Mr. Albert Goldsmith, of a son.

Goldsmith.—Cincinnati, Sunday, August 21, at 8 o’clock P. M., wife of Mr. Sol. Goldsmith, of a daughter.


Change of Ministers.—Rev. Milton Weil, late of Madison, Ind., has been elected by the congregation in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Rev. Schwed, late of Keokuk, Iowa, now in Titusville, Pa.

Rev. Wechsler, of Nashville, Tenn., will officiate in Montgomery, Ala.

Rev. S. Gerstman, of Savannah, Ga., now in Danville, Pa.


For Sale, at the office of the Israelite, two safes, one almost new, the other entirely new, at reduced prices. Apply personally, or address by mail.

Bloch & Co., Publishers.

— Aug 26, 1870

 125 Years Ago

The Fair which took place on the lawn of Mr. Samuel R. Mayer, 110 Nassau street, Walnut Hills, was a grand success. It was given by the children Millie and Elsie Sommerfield and Marie Mayer. $138.00 was netted, which will be distributed in part to the Fresh Air Fund, Foster Home and Relief Society of the Sick Poor, and the remainder among poor families.


A party of young ladies consisting of Misses Helen Stix, Alice Wyhler, Della Aub, Julia Eisfelder, Gertrude Hyman and Minna Wise are spending a few days at the Yononte Inn, Kennedy Heights.



The Zoo.—The big open-air continuous show at the Zoological Gardens is the talk of the town. Among the best features of the program which is presented daily and nightly at the Zoo this week is the celebrated Nelson family of acrobats. Their performances are both novel and wonderful, and are only equalled in their excellence by the acrobatic feats of the Lamont family, who are also on the program, and who will be a feature during the coming season with Jefferson, Klaw and Erlanger’s “Country Circus.”


The engagement of Miss Mollie Kunzman to Mr. Ben. Davison, both of Cincinnati, has been announced; home Sundays.

— Aug. 22, 1895

 100 Years Ago

A vial of radium an inch and a quarter in diameter, but worth $7,500, and used by Drs. Sigmar and J. R. Stark in the treatment of certain cases, was lost in the Jewish Hospital a few days ago. Careful search of every room in the building was made, and even the garage was inspected for two days. The little vial of precious metal was discovered in the incinerator. It had been in the fire about an hour, but was not damaged in any way. The radium had been accidentally misplaced, and finally tossed into the incinerator.


Dr. Joseph Ransohoff, 2929 Vernon Place, widely known surgeon, is ill at his summer home, Beverly, Mass., Cincinnati relatives were notified Tuesday. 


Mrs. Selma Wise and son, Attorney Isaac M. Wise, Dakota avenue, Avondale, have returned from a pleasant visit of several weeks’ duration with Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. May (Jean Wise) and family at Flushing, L. I.

— Aug. 19, 1920

 75 Years Ago

Maj. Fred Lazarus III, 1829 Keys Crescent, has received a Bronze Star Medal for meritorious services in support of combat operations in Italy from November 1943 to May 1945. 


Plans are in progress for sending a New Year’s gift to the men and women in the service. Members of the The Rockdale Avenue Temple Congregation who have not sent in the latest correct address are urged to attend to this matter without delay by mailing or telephoning the needed information to the Office of the Temple.


A large turnout is expected at the Big and Little Brothers Annual Picnic, to be held at the Robert Krohn Livingston Memorial Camp on Sunday, Aug 26th.


— Aug. 23, 1945

 50 Years Ago

Mr. William S. Friedman has been appointed chairman of the Young Leadership Development Program of the United Jewish Fund and Council in Columbus.


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Fogel, 3743 Langhorst Court, celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with a dinner at the Carrousel Inn, Saturday, Aug. 15, given by their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Paletz of Dayton.


Mrs. George (Ida) Kirschbaum, 1417 Franklin Avenue, wishes to thank Rabbis David I. Indich and Mayer Selekman, relatives and friends for their good wishes, visits, gifts, and cards and donations given in her behalf during her stay at Bethesda Hospital. 


Mr. and Mrs. Fred Guttman (Marilyn Polinsky), 3210 Longmeadow Lane, announce the birth of a son, Samuel Joshua, Monday, Aug. 3 at Jewish Hospital. The infant has two brothers, Jamie and Scott, and a sister, Allison.


Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elkus (Helene Gunn), 6211 Graceland Avenue, announce the birth of a son, Adam Meade, on Thursday, Aug. 6, at Bethesda Hospital.


Mr. and Mrs. Lee Goldfarb announce the forthcoming Bar Mitzvah of their son, Richard, Saturday, Aug. 29, at 9 a.m., at congregation Agudas Israel, 6442 Stover Ave.


— Aug. 20, 1970

 25 Years Ago

Two Roselawn residents, 16-year-old Aaron Flicker and 58-year-old Boris Rivin share a common bond beyond their religious faith or where they live. Both Flicker and Rivin were assaulted last month by a group of local youths.

Last Thursday, in Municipal Court, One of the group, 18-year-old Brian Scherrer, said that Flicker and Rivin were singled out by the “gang” because they were Jewish.


Renovation will soon begin on Jewish Family Service’s new Blue Ash location, the Lakepointe property at 11223 Conell Park Drive. The facility, scheduled to open in late fall, will become the new home for the agency’s counseling services, Family Life Education programs, the Adoption Connection and the Alan R. Mack Parents’ Center.


David and Sarah Wise announce the birth of a daughter, Hannah Raizel, June 12.


Alan and Claire (Seltz) Eichner announce the birth of a daughter, Lainine Sara, July 23.


Stanley A. Rosenfeld announces the engagement of his daughter, Susan Beth, to Brian Jay DuCovna, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Ducovna. Susan is the daughter of the late Barbara Rosenfeld and the granddaughter of Frances Rosenfeld.


Cathy Callner Levy and Richard Neil Wolfson announce their engagement.

Cathy is the daughter of Sue Levy and Ron Levy. She is the granddaughter of Etheljane Callner and Beatrice Levy of Colorado Springs.

Rich is the son of Renee and Robert Wolfson of Evanston, Ill.

— Aug. 24, 1995

 10 Years Ago

Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati announced that memorial services will be held on Sunday, Sept. 5, 2010 and Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010 at several of its cemeteries. 

JCGC is comprised of 22 Jewish cemeteries, almost all of the Jewish cemeteries in Cincinnati and Hamilton, Ohio. JCGC represents the culmination of over 10 years of community efforts to address the financial, succession, upkeep and other challenges facing many Jewish communities. 


For Abby Schwartz—a volunteer on the Jewish Federation’s Planning & Allocations cCommittee’s Youth and Family Council—a site visit to Jewish Family Service’s (JFS) Adoption Connection was a particularly meaningful encounter. After meeting with JFS staff, Schwartz recalled that, “learning about Adoption Connection was a very eye-opening experience. I was so impressed with the professionalism of the JFS staff and their dedication to their work.” For families in Cincinnati’s Jewish community wishing to adopt a child, Adoption Connection provides an unparalleled scope of services—including ongoing advocacy and support. 


The most recent big move in the Cincinnati Jewish community is the relocation of Jewish Family Service from their northern Blue Ash building to the second floor of the Mayerson JCC. A result of synergy efforts as well as efficiency increases, JFS hopes to expand its creative partnership by being housed in a much closer proximity to its other sister agencies. JCC executive director Jeff Baden stated that “the JFS relocation to the campus already shared by the Mayerson JCC and the Jewish Federation provides a full spectrum of care for our community, all in one great place.” 


When friends and volunteers in Cincinnati’s Jewish community learned that Susan Brenner had been chosen as Cincinnati’s recipient of the national 2010 Women’s Philanthropy Kipnis- Wilson/Friedland Award from the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), few seemed surprised. After all, Brenner became deeply involved in the Jewish community immediately upon moving to Cincinnati from North Carolina 15 years ago. Since that time, she has been a volunteer and leader on behalf of numerous organizations and has participated in hundreds of area projects throughout the Jewish community—and well beyond. 

— Aug. 26, 2010


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