In the Beginning: 1854

The Israelitish Institutions of Cincinnati

By Samuel Bruel


Continuation of the description of the “Shabbas Aid Society,” the second Jewish charitable institution in Cincinnati

The society is represented by the usual officers and a board of trustees.

The present officers are —

J. Goldberg, President.

M. Daniels, Treasurer.

Abm. Abraham, Secretary.

— July 28, 1854

150 Year

Wanted.—By a young man thoroughly experienced, and with good city references, a position as Book-keeper or Assistant.

Address L. W., 12 Pearl street


Wanted.—A Cook in a small family, a good situation and good wages. Apply, 315 West Eighth St.


Wanted.—Salesman.—A good salesman, who is a good Book-keeper and understands the Clothing and Dry Goods business thoroughly, can procure a good situation by addressing Baum, Frankel & Co., Alton, Iowa.

P.S.—Applicants please state terms and give reference.


Wanted.—A good Preacher for the Reform Congregation B’nai Israel, Evansville, Ind. Only one who is competent of conducting Divine service, and capable of preaching in English and German languages, need apply. A salary of $2,000 will be paid. The congregation will not be responsible for traveling expenses. For further information address the undersigned.

Simon Roser, President.

Sam’l I. Loewenstein, Secy.

— July 21, 1871

125 Years Ago

Ladies’ Column

Fancy shirts and shirt waists retain their popularity. An unfired unlined taffeta that can be worn like a cotton garment is a very desirable adjustment to the toilet, as it is available at all times. The new shirt waists are made without yokes, either front or back, a little fullness at the neck being laid in little tucks, while they are flat across the back, what fullness there is being taken up at the waist. With these waists, the summer girl wears detached collars as high and choker-like as her brother’s It is well to have buttons at the side of the neckband as well as at the front and back to insure perfect security.


An Unprecedented Gain in Weight

A Nurse Gained Fifty-Three Pounds by Using a Nerve Food.

“I don’t look much like a living skeleton now, do I? And yet two years ago I weighted just seventy-two pounds,” said Mrs. J. W. Coffey, of 55 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers, N. Y., to a reporter. And we agreed with her, for she certainly looked anything but a living skeleton, but rather bore the appearance of a plump and attractive lady in excellent health and spirits. Continuing she said:

“I had lost my appetite and was wasting away in flesh, losing some fifty pounds in a few months. I was under what was regarded as first-class medical treatment, but it had apparently little or no effect, for I kept getting worse until I was so weak that I could not attend to my household duties and could hardly walk. Tonics and stimulants and medicines all seemed useless, until at last a friend told me of some wonderful cures effected by Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills for Pale People and I bought a box. The effect from their use was noticeable from the first and soon appeared almost miraculous, for it seemed pretty nearly like the raising of one from the dead. I took, in all, six boxes, and increased in weight from 72 to 125 pounds, which is my regular and normal weight."


Boys and Girls Can Make Money During Vacation By getting subscribers for the Israelite.

Write to us for terms. You will

find that you can make dollars with  very little effort. Address:

Leo Wise & Co.

5th & Vine - 324 Dearborn St.

Cincinnati - Chicago


Messrs. Will and Harry Ackerland were recently the guests of the Fleischmanns at their country home in the Catskills.

— July 23, 1896

100 Years ago

Hardships under Bolshevik rule caused two sisters, Ida and Clara Muchnils, formerly nurses in Ukrania, to take refuge in this country. They are now enrolled for a post graduate course at the Jewish Hospital, where they are also taking special instruction in English.


Interesting letters have been received from Mlle. Emma Morhard, who is touring abroad with Mrs. Eichberg. Their trip is to be around the world, and includes India, China and Japan. September 9 Mlle. Morhard and Miss Eichberg sail on the Sphinx for Egypt.


— July 28, 1921

75 Years Ago

More than sixty student nurses from the Jewish Hospital were guests at a swimming party and dinner at the Losantiville country club, Tuesday, July 23rd, according to Mrs. Edward Kuhn, chairman of the School of Nursing Committee of the hospital’s Women’s Auxiliary.


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Davidson, 601 Rockdale Avenue, announce the bar mitzvah of their son, Stephen, on Saturday morning, July 27th at Washington Avenue Synagogue. Mr. and Mrs. Davidson will be at home at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cohen, 1747 Avonlea Avenue, Sunday evening, July 28th, between 8 and 11 p.m. No cards.


— July 25, 1946

50 Years Ago

Mr. and Mrs. Julian Licht of New Rochelle, N.Y., announce the engagement of their daughter, Miss Marcy Ellen Licht, to Louis Judah Peerless, son of Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Peerless of Cincinnati.


Miss Josepha Ginsburg and Mr. Harold Silverman were married Sunday, June 27th, at Adath Israel Synagogue. Rabbi Fishel J. Goldfeder officiated. A reception followed.


Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Robert Hodesh (Rica Schear), 200 W. Galbraith, announce the birth of a daughter, Rachel Antman, July 9th at Bethesda Hospital.


Mr. and Mrs. James Sachs (Jackie Golding), 1038 Pinehollow Lane, announce the birth of a son, Mark Jeffrey, Friday, July 16th. The infant has two brothers, Tod Louis and Gary David.


Mrs. Irwin Kandell, 8449 Jonfred Court, announces the forthcoming Bar Mitzvah of her son, Robert William, Saturday, July 24, at 10 a.m., at Northern Hills Synagogue, Fleming Road.


Mr. Marion Nizar would like to express his deepest thanks to his wonderful family, his doctors, Dr. A. Hoodin, Dr. Don Levi and Dr. N. Aronoff, his Rabbis, Fishel Goldfeder and David Indich, and his friends for their kindness and thoughtfulness during his recent stay in the hospital.

— July 22, 1971

25 Years Ago

Roslyn Greenfield of Cincinnati and Irvin Greenfield of Boca Raton, Fla., announce the engagement of their daughter, Tami L. Greenfield, to Michael J. Boehmer. Michael is the son of James and Martha Boehmer of St. Mary’s, Ohio. 


Dr. Michael and Teri (Franklin) Halasz announce the birth of a daughter, Rachel Talia, June 3.


Dr. Kerry and Bonnie Burte announce the birth of a daughter, Amy Rebekah, Nov. 22, 1995. Amy has a brother, Alexander Jacob, who was born on Sept. 1, 1994.


Debi and Samuel Lahav of Moshav Kefar Netter, Israel, announce the forthcoming Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Maayan, at Beth Abraham Synagogue, Dayton, Aug. 3. Kiddush will follow the service.


Amy Orringer recently graduated from the University of Maryland. She earned two degrees, one in government and politics and the other in speech communication. Amy is the daughter of Fred and Marian Orringer and the sister of Howard Orringer.


Gary Buchheim recently completed a master of business administration degree in finance from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Business Administration. He had previously earned a master of science degree from UC’s College of Engineering in 1988 and a bachelor of science degree from UC’s College of Applied Science in 1986.

— July 25, 1996

10 Years Ago

Despite the soggy spring, the Blue Jays boys Class C2 baseball team at the Mayerson JCC had a successful season. They finished with a 9-6 record, and again qualified for the City Tournament. 

The team included Dovid Wilheim, Yehuda Kernerman, Koby Bernstein, Shai Younger, Drew Samuelson, Yisroel Bidnick, Yehuda Heigh, Gavi Behrman, Avram Schreiber, Quint Kaufman, Levi Scherer, Jason Eichner, Moshe Spetner, Avrami Kernerman 


The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati held its fifteenth annual meeting last week, paying tribute to retiring Trustees, announcing new leadership and offering a preview of the priority funding areas in the Foundation's strategic plan. 

Michael R. Oestreicher was elected to serve as the sixth President of The Jewish Foundation, succeeding Gary Heiman, who will now serve a three-year term as Chairman. J. David Rosenberg, was elected Vice President, and Beth Guttman and Jeffrey Zipkin were elected Treasurer and Secretary, respectively. 


The Children’s Home of Cincinnati has hired pediatrician Dr. Phillip K. Lichtenstein as its first medical director.  


For the first time, Cedar Village Retirement Community will be welcoming the public to an outdoor jazz concert, which will feature the Buffalo Ridge Jazz Band. 

The concert will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 11 at Cedar Village. 


Home alone doesn’t have to mean lonely at home for senior adults who participate in the ShalomPhone program through the Mayerson JCC. This telephone assurance program is free, and involves trained volunteers who provide daily social and safety phone calls to senior adults, ages 60 and older. ShalomPhone offers senior adults the opportunity to make new friends, while also providing family members increased peace of mind. 

— July 28, 2011


s Ago


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