150 Years Ago

Young Men’s Hebrew Association – At a regular meeting, held Sunday last, the following nominations were made for the ensuing term: President – Charles Goldsmith and Ada A. Kramer. Vice-President – Sam’l Bernstein, M.J. Hirshberg and Victor Abraham. The election will be held on Sunday the 14th inst. 

1869 From the pages 103119


The Cincinnati Courier is the title of a new German Republican daily, and appeared of the first time, on last Monday morning, in a splendid dress, and printed on excellent paper.


The Young Men’s Mercantile Library Association are not much longer to be without a home. They yesterday rented the second story of the building occupied by A. E. Chamberlain & Co. on the west side of Race Street, between third and Fourth streets, which they propose at once to fit up for a reading room.

1869 2 From the pages 103119

— Nov. 5, 1869

 125 Years Ago

Messers. Knopf & Co., have tendered the services of Mr. Joseph Gettler, of their advertising department, to the House of Refuge as an instructor in engineering. Mr. Gettler is an entirely competent man and the directors of the Refuge expressed their unmeasured thanks to Messers. Knopf & Co., for their generosity. The firm will give prizes to proficient pupils.


Most elaborate preparations are being made for the Phoenix opening ball, which is to take place on Saturday evening, November 10. It is confidently expected that the display of toilets on this occasion will surpass anything ever seen in this city before.


A party of gentlemen and ladies met at the residence of Mr. Louis Oppenheimer, on Kemper Lane, W.H., last Wednesday evening, and after a billiard tournament sat down to an elegant supper.


The date set for the Meyer-Loeb nuptials is Nov. 5.


The Board of Governors of the Hebrew Union College, through Mr. Julius Freiberg bought the property situated at 480 W. 6th St as an investment. It is confidently expected that it will bring a good return on the capital expended.

1894 From the pages 103119

— Nov. 1, 1894

 100 Years Ago

During his recent visit in Cincinnati, King Albert of Belgium conferred upon Dr. David Philipson the decoration of the Order of Albert. In thus honoring Dr. Philipson, the King addressed him in French, saying that the splendid service of the rabbi in the cause of Belgium had been brought to his notice, and he desired to express the appreciation and thanks for his people and himself.


Invitations have gone out for a dance to be given by Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Shapiro for their daughter, Sylvia, at the Hotel Gibson, on the eighth day of November.


There were 11,003 free patients at the Jewish hospital during the last year, according to the report of President Samuel Straus, submitted at the annual meeting Sunday. Full-pa patients numbered 8,784 and part-pay patient’s 2,501. 


Mr. M.C. Buxbaum, a former well-known Cincinnatian, is at Christ Hospital recovering from a serious operation.


Alfred Bettman, former city solicitor, was elected one of the  vice presidents of the Ohio Cities Planning Conference at Cleveland, Ohio, last week.


The annual meeting of the Rockdale Avenue Temple was held Wednesday evening. It was made a social event and was very largely attended. Rabbi Leo M. Franklin, president of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, was in attendance and spoke on “The Test of Congregational Efficiency.”

1919 From the pages 103119

— Oct. 30, 1919

 75 Years Ago

The Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati will erect a new main building after the war, it was learned this week.


Chaplain Sidney M. Lefkowitz, of Richmond, Va., officiated Sunday, Oct. 29th, at the first Jewish services broadcast from German soil since the American invasion.


S/Sgt. Leonard Goldstein, 27, husband of Mrs. Gratian Block Goldstein, 1801 Catalina Avenue, and son of Mrs. Hattie Goldstein, 520 Hale Avenue, has been missing in action over Germany since Oct. 13th. He is a radioman-gunner on a bomber based in Italy. He entered the service in January 1943, and has been overseas two months.


Pvt. Jack Kohn, 37, husband of Mrs. Judith Kohn, 3415 Reading Road, suffered an ankle fracture when leaping over a low hedgerow to knock out a German gun position at St. Lo. Pvt. Kohn has been in a hospital in England, but soon will be released. A brother, T/Sgt. Sidney Kohn, is with the Quartermaster Corps in France.


Sgt. Sidney J. Binik, 3470 Harvey Avenue, has been awarded the Bronze Star. He is stationed in China.


Sgt. Isaac Nemiroff, 3457 Wilson Avenue, a communications technician, recently received his fourth gold overseas stripe after serving two years in the Mediterranean theatre.


Miss Freda Goldfarb, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Goldfarb, 221 Hearne Avenue, has joined the WAVES and is waiting to be called to duty.


Dr. William Wertheim is the Home for the Jewish Aged of Cincinnati's new house physician. He succeeds Dr. Walter B. Phillips. Dr. Wertheim, a graduate of Avondale Public and Hughes High School and the University of Cincinnati, interned at the Home’s “neighbor,” the Jewish Hospital.

— Nov. 2, 1944

 50 Years Ago

Mrs. Miriam Mann was chosen acing executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council Thursday evening, Oct. 23rd.


Atlanta (JTA) – Sam Massell, Jr. was elected the first Jewish mayor of this city. 


The Jewish National Fund Council dinner on Sunday, Nov. 16, in honor of I.C. Elman appears headed for a capacity attendance, according to Dr. D. J. Herzig, president.


Mr. and Mrs. Irving Kutas, 7955 Greenland Place, are pleased to announce the forthcoming Bar Mitzvah of their son, David Howard, Saturday, Nov. 8, at 9 a.m., at Ohav Shalom Synagogue, 1834 Section Road.


Dr. Murray S. Jaffe, immediate past president, Cincinnati and Hamilton County Unit, American Cancer Society, has been elected vice president of the Ohio Division of the Society. He is to become president next October.


Mrs Joseph Wolf, president of Jewish Family Service, announced today the retirement of Rose Greenstein, supervisor of children’s services at the agency.


Lew Norman, humorist and actor, will entertain at Ohav Shalom Sisterhood’s “Crystal Ball” Sunday, Nov. 2nd, at Henry L. Rosin Auditorium, 1834 Section Road.

— Oct. 30, 1969

 25 Years Ago

Cincinnatian Stanley M. Chesley was among a group of about 50 guests – mainly American Jews and Arab-Americans – who accompanied President Bill Clinton to the Mideast for the historic signing of the peace treaty between Israel and Jordan.


Arava Crossing, Israel – Beneath a burning midday desert sun, on a hastily constructed plaza that had only weeks ago been a minefield, Israel and Jordan made peace Oct. 26.


Mark Goldstein was recently installed as president of the board of trustees of Yavneh Day School. At installation ceremonies, Esther Fruerberg, Yavneh principal, commented on the quality of leadership that Yavneh has enjoyed.


The traffic court case against David Becker, who was cited for walking against the light at the intersection of Section and Reading roads, Friday night, Sept. 23, was dismissed Tuesday by Municipal Court Judge Timothy Hogan.


Andrew Nienaber received the Abe Dunsky Scholarship. He was selected by the Walnut Hills High School faculty and is the 10th recipient to receive this award which was established buy Stagecrafters in memory of Abe Dunsky, an alumnus of Walnut Hills High School and a long-time member of Stagecrafters.

— Nov. 3, 1994

 10 Years Ago

“There is an urgency to the 2010 Community Campaign. That’s because our endowment will be down 20 percent, so we must increase our giving just to keep allocations flat at 2009 levels,” said Tedd Friedman, who cochairs the 2010 Community Campaign with Nina Paul. 


As the bank fraud trial of Sholom Rubashkin proceeded late last week and this week, bogus invoices that had been used to fraudulently persuade a lender that Rubashkin’s company, Agriprocessors, was deserving of loans was the focus.


When Bruce H. Ente introduced himself for his interview with The American Israelite, he projected the image of what must be a prevalent view of a synagogue administrator. He is Adath Israel Congregation’s new administrator.


Beginning at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 5, Xavier students, faculty, staff and members of the Greater Cincinnati community will begin reading the Book of Genesis aloud, and will not stop until they reach the end of the Hebrew Scriptures (II Chronicles).


 JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israeli and Iranian nuclear officials participated together in a nuclear non-proliferation conference last month in Cairo, according to the Israel Atomic Energy Commission.

— Oct. 29, 2009


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