In the Beginning: 1854

The Israelitish Institutions of Cincinnati

By Samuel Bruel


This congregation [the Synagogue of the United Brethren on Race street] is  represented by five persons forming a Vestry; the officers at this date are: —

Charles Cahn, President.

Joshua Ahberg, Vice President.

Wolf Fechheimer, Treasurer.

Isaac Rothschild, W. B. Ground.

W. Renau, Secretary.

Their reader is Rev. S. Weil.

— July 21, 1854

150 Years Ago

A young mother from the midst of our nearest friends was summoned to her everlasting home from the couch of travail. Mrs. Fanny, wife of Nathan Drucker, daughter of Phil. Stromberg, died Friday last at her father's residence on Mound street, Cincinnati, leaving to her lamenting husband three children, the youngest four weeks old. Mrs. Drucker was twenty-six years old.


The Board of Trustees of Talmud Yelodim Institute, herewith tender their sincerest thanks to the ladies of K. K. B. Y., who Kindly assisted in getting up and preparing the Chanukah festival for the pupils of our Sabbath School

For the Board,

B. May, Sec.

Editor’s Note: K. K. B. Y. is K. K. Bene Yeshurun, now the Isaac M. Wise Temple.


For the Poor of Strasbourg

Mrs. Caroline Weil, 

$5 00 in gold.

Mrs. Weil having nobly opened the list for the poor of Strasbourg, we are willing to receive money for the purpose, acknowledge receipt in The Israelite, and forward to the proper authorities.


— Jan. 6, 1871

125 Years Ago

Ladies’ Column

Coffee Bavarian Cream

One cupful of strong coffee, one pint of cream, half a package of gelatin, one cupful of sugar, one-third of a cupful of cold water. Soak the gelatin two hours in cold water. Pour on this the coffee boiling hot, and when the gelatin is dissolved, add the sugar. Strain into a tin basin and put in a pan of ice water. Beat with a whisk until it begins to thicken: then add the cream which has been whipped to a froth. When thoroughly mixed pour in a mold and set away to harden.


A Card of Thanks

To the Israelite.

I leave your city to-night for my home in North Alabama. I left Huntsville about seven weeks since, a very sick man, and came to your city for medical treatment. I went to the Jewish Hospital for treatment, and am happy to say that under the tender care of my niece Mrs. Marschutz and the noble attendance of the matrons and nurses, left with an apparent new lease on life, renewed health and vigor, and thank kind Providence that I am spared to tender through your valuable paper my heartfelt thanks to each and all of dear friends and acquaintances for consideration received during my stay at the hospital. Accompanied by my niece Mrs. Marschutz and my son-in-law Mr. Sam Levy, I return to my Southern home to-night, carrying with me a heart filled with gratitude to my friends and acquaintances in your good city, and with best wishes to all, I am

Theirs truly,

Joseph Klaus


— Jan. 2, 1896

100 Years Ago

The talented young actress playing in “Adam and Eva” under the name of Helen Norwood, is a well-known Cincinnati girl whose real name is Helen Feldman. She is the daughter of the late Professor Feldman, who for twenty-five years was a member of the Hebrew Union College faculty. Miss Feldman, who is a graduate of Hughes High School, is a singer as well as an actress and has appeared in several musical comedies.


Mrs. Joseph Ginsburg and Mrs. Samuel Weiland were entertained with a surprise dinner party given in honor of their birthday, both of which occur on December 26th, by their children, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Weiland, at their residence on Reading Road, Sunday, afternoon, December 26th.


— Dec. 30, 1920

75 Years Ago

The King and Queen Social Club, newly formed for war veterans, has elected Martin Siegel, president; Miss Marion Schiff, secretary; Howard L. Nelson, treasurer; Jerry Fine, council president. Discharged servicemen 21 years or older and service women 20 or older are invited to attend the meeting Friday evening, Jan. 4th, at Eli Wittstein Post, American Legion, Dana Avenue and Reading Road.


Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ransohoff have returned to Cincinnati from Washington, D. C., and are residing at 3097 Riddle View Lane. Mr. Ransohoff has joined The Cincinnati Post news-staff.


Free scholarships in the Jewish Hospital School of Nursing will be available to qualified high school graduates in the spring class, starting Jan. 29th, according to Miss Mary H. Cutler, director of the school. Each scholarship is valued at $110.

— Jan. 3, 1946

50 Years Ago

Mrs. Paula Straus, 1764 Dale Road, will celebrate her 95th birthday Jan. 1.

An “Oneg Shabbat” in her honor will be given by her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Straus, on Friday evening, Jan. 1, at Temple Sholom, Longmeadow Lane, Amberley Village, following the service.


Mr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Shapero announce the engagement of their daughter, Barbara, to Mr. Michael Pordy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pordy of Dobs Ferry, New York.


Mr. and Mrs. Howard Steinberg announce the forthcoming Bar Mitzvah of their son, Steven, Saturday, Jan. 2, at 10:45 a.m., at Wise Center, N. Crescent Avenue and Reading Road.

Relatives and friends are cordially invited to worship with the family and attend the Kiddush following services.


Jewish Hospital births include:

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rubenstein (Mary-Bob Mathews) of 200 West Galbraith Road, a son, Brett Nathan, Tuesday, Dec. 22.


Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kassel (Terry Sonkin) announce the birth of a daughter, Patricia Susan, Monday, Dec. 21. The infant has a sister, Beth Anne.


Mr. and Mrs Morris (Fanny) Krit will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday, Jan. 3.

— Dec. 31, 1970

25 Years Ago

As they become full partners in The Health Alliance of Greater Cincinnati, the Jewish Health System has created a foundation that will benefit health care in Greater Cincinnati and Jewish causes here and around the world.


Mel and Renee Becker of Cincinnati announce the engagement of their daughter, Dawn Michelle, to Andrew Joseph Green, son of Audrey Comins of Cincinnati and Louis Green of Boca Raton, Fla.


A program of storytelling by masters of the art will be the next event in the 1995-96 Jewish Entertainment Series.

Dorothy and Reuben Silver will present “Sholom Aleichem & Friends” on Sunday, Jan 15, at 7:30 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center as the second program of four in the series.


Roz and Jule Gildenblatt, along with their children and grandchildren, will chair this year’s Green Sunday campaign on Feb. 4, announced Jerry Ketover, Jewish National Fund Cincinnati regional president. “Since the theme of this year’s campaign is JNF—From Generation to Generation,” the Gildenblatts are the perfect choice to head up this campaign.


Rabbi Yussi Lieber, an educator/storyteller and a vocalist/guitarist will give an encore performance at a concert Saturday night, Jan.13, from 8 to 11 at Shomrei Emunah/Young Israel of Dayton. The program is entitled “The Joys of Judaism: The Musical Version” and is open to both adults and children of the Jewish community.

— Jan. 4, 1996

10 Years Ago

For the 2011 summer, children who have never attended a Jewish overnight camp can receive up to $1,000 for camp sessions of three weeks or more and up to $500 for camp sessions of two weeks from the Jewish Overnight Camping Program. The grants are gifts and are not need-based or contingent on other scholarship or financial aid dollars. The camp must be sponsored by a non-profit Jewish organization to qualify under the program. 


What can Barbie, the most successful doll in history, show us about being Jewish today? The documentary “The Tribe” attempts to answer that question. It will be shown at a special adult education program at Northern Hills Synagogue–Congregation B’ nai Avraham on Sunday evening, Jan. 9, at 7 p.m. 


Studies on Jewish day schools repeatedly point to day schools’ importance in fostering a strong connection to Jewish identity. In order to thrive, parents need to have confidence in Rockwern Academy’s academics, values and stability. Across the board, the main drivers of increased enrollment for a day school are affordability and academic excellence. It can also be argued that consistently offering all grades, including seventh and eighth, will also increase parents’ confidence in the school. 


United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s newly formed central district elected its first slate of district council officers earlier this month. Among the officers elected is Jeff Bassin of Montgomery, Ohio. 

Bassin was named vice chair for membership and Alim and will serve for the next two years. Bassin will work with district chair Muriel Carp of St Louis, Mo., the other district officers and the professional staff. He will work to recruit member congregations and assist new emerging congregations throughout the district. Before he became district chair-elect, Bassin served as the district’s interim vice chair for membership and Alim. 


Shoshana Kaufman and her sons, Oran and Gil, have established a memorial fund at Adath Israel Congregation in memory of their husband and father, Enrique N. Kaufman, M.D., who passed away in April 2010. The fund will sponsor the Rabbi’s Forum, an annual lecture focusing on critical contemporary issues.  

— Jan. 6, 2011


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