In the Beginning: 1854

The Israelitish Institutions of Cincinnati

By Samuel Bruel


Continuation of the description of the “Shabbas Aid Society,” the second Jewish charitable institution in Cincinnati.

Its object is to afford relief to anyone suffering under misfortune or otherwise.

This laudable institution has at this date only seventy members. The amount of subscription is not in any way equal to its outlay. To meet this deficiency, an annual dinner takes place in Chanukah in each year when a large party usually assembles, on which occasion liberal sums in money are invariably donated. Committees are then appointed whose duty it is to enquire who may want relief, with full power to give instant help to the deserving.

— July 28, 1854

150 Years Ago

Talmid Yelodim Institute

The examination of the four classes of Talmid Yelodim Institute on Sunday before last by their respective teachers, Messrs. Gerstle, Eppinger, Maas and Mayer, show marked progress in the knowledge of the Hebrew religion and history of the fathers. Much of the success this year is to be ascribed to the interest which the officers have taken in the institute and its discipline, making the work so much easier for the teachers. If we were not personally connected with the institute as superintendent, we would have to say a great deal more about it. As it is, we may be permitted to state that there are few if any better Hebrew schools for the young in this country. A class has been opened under Mr. Eppinger, additional to the above, preparing young students for admission into a rabbinical seminary, and we have no doubt, the first candidates will come from Cincinnati. The congregation is under great obligations to the officers, and parents to the teachers of Talmid Yelodim Institute for the religious education of the rising generation.

Editor’s Note: Talmid Yelodim was the supplementary religious school of K. K. Bene Yeshurun Temple, now Wise Temple.

— July 14, 1871

125 Years Ago

Ladies’ Column

Any one who reads the society columns of the modern newspaper will agree with me that among the masses of American people the art of conversation is rapidly becoming a lost one. One would think that among grown men and women of education and culture, a social occasion could have for its object nothing else than the courteous and elegant exchange of ideas and contest of wits through the medium of conversation. On the contrary, the hostess of today seems to rack her brains and the editors of the domestic periodicals seem to rack theirs in search of expedients for banishing conversation from society. The result is a winter-long series of “book parties,” “fan-tan parties,” “verbarium parties,” “legerdemain parties,” “geography parties” and “millinery parties,” and even the ancient and ghastly phantom party still holds its own in certain communities; while all over the land the whist party and progressive euchre party claim every season for their own.

Editor’s Note: Fan-tan and verbarium were both games; legerdemain means sleight of the hand.


Next Sunday every person who wants his picture taken on the Island Queen should go to Coney Island. Now that the big liner is finished completely, and is seen at her best beauty, the Company, desiring to obtain a magnificent picture of her, have arranged with the famous photographers, Rombach & Groene, to meet the big steamer at the island, and secure the largest, most accurate and satisfactory picture of a steamer ever taken. The picture will be so perfect that friends may be easily recognized. All who desire to take part in this event are cordially invited by the Coney Company to be present.

Editor’s Note: The (first) Island Queen carried passengers between Cincinnati and Coney Island amusement park between 1896 and 1922, when she burned at Cincinnati’s public landing in a fire that had begun on her sister boat, the Morning Star.

— July 16, 1896

100 Years Ago

The name of the congregation whose temple is at the corner of Eighth and Plum streets is Yeshurun, not Jeshurun, as the official documents and reports of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations have it. The misnomer is a mistake which should be avoided in the future. K.K.B.Y., of Cincinnati, has a history. K.K.B. J., has none, in fact, has no existence.


Judge Robert L. Marx, of the Superior Court, national commander of the Disabled Veterans of the World War, applied in the United States District Court for passports to France. He has been invited by National Commander John G. Emery, of the American Legion, to accompany a party of 200 legionnaires as guests of the French Government. The party will sail August 3 on the George Washington. Judge Marx will stay in France after the others have departed to visit a number of the battlefields on which he fought.

— July 21, 1921

75 Years Ago

Dr. Helen Iglauer Glueck, who with her son, Charles, was en route to Palestine to visit her husband, Dr. Nelson Glueck, was halted in New York last week by the grounding of Trans-World Airlines’ Constellation aircraft. They were able to obtain transportation on a later plane. Dr. Nelson Glueck is director of the American School of Oriental Research in Jerusalem.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Nelson Glueck, an eminent archaeologist of the Nabataean civilization (4th century BCE - early 2nd century CE) in the Negev desert, had been director of the American School of Oriental Research (1936–1940.) in what became East Jerusalem after 1948. He subsequently became president of HUC-JIR (1947-1971), under whom Hebrew Union College merged with the Jewish Institute of Religion, and he founded  (1963) the institution that now bears his name, The Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology, in what was then West Jerusalem. His wife, Dr. Helen Ranschoff Iglauer Glueck, was a hematologist, who studied blood disorders in newborns. Both were native Cincinnatians.


— July 18, 1946

50 Years Ago

Mr. J. Paul Toner and Dorothy C. Broghammer announce their marriage of Sunday, June 13.


Mr and Mrs. William Zakem announce the engagement of their daughter, Donna, to Mr. Ted. M. Smiley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Morton Smiley of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.


Jewish Hospital Births include:

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Scott Key (Vera Saylor), 177 Caldwell, a daughter, Susan Melissa, Tuesday, July 6. The infant has three brothers, Barry Norman, Jeffrey, and Laurence Steven.


Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rosenthal (Stephanie Robbins), 128 W. Nixon, announce the birth of a son, Joshua, on May 24.


Mr. and Mrs. Zvi Weintraub (Peninah Gootman), 28 Nayot, Jerusalem, Israel, announce the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Gadi, at the Western Wall today and on Saturday, July 17, at the JTS Synagogue.

Among the guests are Mr. Nachum Eden and the Misses Judy and Ruth Grad, of this city, Miss Debbi Levy of Flint, Mich., and Ronnie Hoodin, Niles, Ohio.


Mr. Alexander Flechtheim, 1913 Losantiville, wishes to thank Rabbis Samuel Wohl, Albert A. Goldman, Mayer Selekman, and the Rev. Manfred Rabenstein, relatives and friends for their good wishes, gifts, donations, and cards during his recent illness at Jewish Hospital.


— July 15, 1971

25 Years Ago

Shirley and Howard Falk of Phillipsburg, N.J., announce the marriage of their daughter, Beth Susan, to Joshua David Gallant, son of Melvin and Marilyn Gallant, and the late Barbara Gallant.


Marcia Pace of Palm Springs, Calif., and Howard Goldstein of Columbus announce the engagement of their daughter, Vicki Lyn Goldstein, to David Bruce Nedelman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Nedelman.


Sue Ostrow and Jerry Ostrow, Marilyn and Al Bender of Illinois and Peter and Christina Koransky of Indiana, announce the engagement of their children, Barry Ostrow and Jennifer Koransky.


Harriet (Hoodin) and Chris Collins announce the birth of a daughter, Haley Ilene, July 7. The infant has a brother, Grant. 


Tommy and Melissa Johnson announce the birth of their daughter, Elizabeth Halle, June 23. Elizabeth has a brother, Zachary.


Jim and Judy (Goodman) Keller announce the birth of a daughter, Paril Melissa, June 14. Paril has a brother, Sam.

— July 18, 1996

10 Years Ago

Jerald and Carol Harris are pleased to announce the marriage of their son, Jeffrey William Harris to Larisa Maratovna Vaysman, daughter of Marat and Olga Vaysman of Swampscott, Mass. The wedding took place on July 10, 2011, at the Harris home in Montgomery, Ohio.  


Sylvia and Bob Maltz announce the birth of their grandson, Ryan Andrew Maltz. The boy was born on June 6, 2011. 


Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati (JCGC) is pleased to announce the addition to its website of a genealogy search capability which provides access to more than 30,000 burial records, almost half of which include a photo of the memorial. JCGC will be adding photos of memorials to its database on a continual basis and, eventually, will have all of them captured. 


Sally F. Korkin, executive director of the Cedar Village Foundation, was elected president of Partners in Senior Life, formerly Associates of Jewish Homes and Services for the Aging (AJHSA) at the 36th Annual Meeting held recently in Detroit, Mich. 


Kids can have some more fun at different Greater Cincinnati parks each day at the 1-week, late summer Park-a-Day S’More Camp at the Mayerson JCC. An extension of Camp at the J, S’More Camps are 1-week specialty camps that focus on a variety of fun activities. 


Sixteen Adath Israel students were confirmed this spring. The confirmation students celebrated their achievement by leading Shavuot services on Wednesday, June 8, including reading the complete Torah portion and Haftorah. Each student was presented with a copy of the JPS Tanach and Rabbi Joseph Telushkin’s Jewish Literacy. Students also had a tree planted in Israel honoring their commitment to Jewish education. This year’s confirmands were: Anna Bailes, Elka Bresler, Kali Cohen, Sallie Cohen, Jake Fisher, Zach Fisher, Louis Goldsmith, Isabella Guttman, Rebecca Kahn, Benji Kriner, Nathan Meisner, Ethan Padnos, Jake Paul, Allison Schwartz, Hannah Wise and Samantha Wolkoff. 

— July 21, 2011

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