In the Beginning: 1854

Cincinnati Israelitish Institutions

By Samuel Bruel


The Rev. Jacob Rosenfeld resigned his ministry [at K. K. B. Yeshurun, now Wise Temple] in May 1853, The Rev. Dr. Wise was elected in his place, and entered upon his duties May 1st, 1854.

This congregation is represented by five persons forming a vestry, assisted by six trustees and six sub-trustees.

The officers of this date are:

Max Fechheimer, President.

J. S. Miller, Vice-President.

Jacob Goodheart, Treasurer.

Ab. Aub, Warden Ground.

M. Fischel, Secretary.

We will at an early date give a more lengthy history of the K. K. Bnei Yeshurun and the Talmid Yelodim Institute - Ed. Is.

Editor’s Note: This concludes Samuel Bruel’s “Cincinnati Israelitish Institutions” published in the first issue of The Israelite.

— July 14, 1854

150 Years Ago

Mozart Hall.—Grand Concert and Performance will be given by the Amateur Talent of Cincinnati, for the benefit of the contemplated Hebrew Seminary, on the evenings of November 18th and 19th 1870. Admission—50 cts.



The holders of tickets for last Thursday’s lecture of Benjamin F. Peixotto, Esq., will please take notice that the lecture has been postponed to next Tuesday, Nov. 22d, and will be delivered at the Temple, corner Eighth and Plum streets.

— Nov. 18, 1870

125 Years Ago

Ladies’ Column

Grape Marmalade

This is nice to make of the grapes which will fall off the bunches and consequently cannot be used in the fruit dish. Wash and mash the grapes and boil until very soft. Then strain and push through until all but the seeds and skins have gone through. Add cold water and try to strain some more through, adding it to the pulp. Boil pulp slowly and season to taste with sugar. If you wish to keep it a long time, you must put in more sugar than you would if you were to use it immediately. It is excellent with meat or poultry.


The fair committee of the K. K. Adas Israel beg herewith to solicit contributions from the ladies of this city and elsewhere, for the purpose of building a synagogue. Donation books can be had by applying to the secretary, Jacob Flohr, 432 W. 9th St. On the response which this appeal will meet, depends the success of the undertaking.


Miss Blanche Block, whose marriage to Mr. Jacob Joseph, of Vincennes, was a handsome affair celebrated Tuesday evening at the Cincinnati club, gave a charming dinner Monday evening at the club for the attendants.


Mrs. N. Hyams entertained with a Kaffee Klatsch last Wednesday, in honor of Mrs. Wendel of Piqua, Ohio, and Mmes. Newall and Goldenberg of Baltimore, Md.

— Nov. 14, 1895

100 Years Ago

That the privilege of the ballot for women was not an end, but merely a necessary weapon for women to effect still higher accomplishments, was asserted by Miss Jeannette Rankin, former Congresswoman from Montana, at Wise Center, Avondale, Sunday, November 7. Miss Rankin said that the recent election has taught two things, that there must be a method of choosing candidates for president devised so that the people could express their choice, and that the propaganda should be controlled so that it could be traced to its source and the candidate held responsible.

Editor’s Note: primary elections had been introduced in North Dakota in 1910 and were still relatively novel and by no means universal in 1920 when this lecture was given.


— Nov. 11, 1920

75 Years Ago

In a formal relieving ceremony staged in Tokyo Bay, Lt. Myron R. Benson, of Cincinnati, became captain of the LST 682, with which he had served as executive officer through the Normandy invasion and action in the Philippines, Okinawa and in Japanese waters. Lt. Benson is the husband of Mrs. Lucille Singer Benson, 1731 Portman Avenue, Bond Hill, and a son of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Benson, Burton Woods Lane.


Joseph Rosen, 543 Carplin Place, an ex-special agent in the Counter-Intelligence Corps of the U. S. Army, is home and is resuming the practice of law.

He helped capture Helen Bogaerts, red-haired Belgian spy of the Gestapo, who has been called the Mata Hari of World War II. For three weeks she was in his custody until being turned over to officials in Brussels. In that time she led four boat loads of Gestapo agents into a U. S. trap.


Members of the newly formed American Legion’s public relations section, designed to acquaint returning veterans with the work of the organization in Southwestern Ohio, will hold their first meeting Thursday evening, Nov. 15th. Mr. Felix Friedman of Cincinnati is serving from this section.


— Nov. 15, 1945

50 Years Ago

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tobin announce the engagement of their daughter, Carol Ruth, to Mr. Larry A. Neuman, son of Mr. Erwin Neuman and the late Mrs. Mollye Neuman of Lexington, Ky.


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berger of Shaker Heights, Ohio, announce the engagement of their daughter, Laura Louise, to Mr. James Alan Getz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Getz of Cincinnati.


Mr. and Mr.s Maurice Beraha (Marlene Kerman), 3580 Glengary Lane, announce the birth of a son, Stephen Charles, Sunday, Oct. 24th.


Mr. Fred Greenbaum, 1134 Lois Drive, wishes to thank the Rev. Manfred Rabenstein, Rabbi Barneis Greenfield, Rev. Irwin Fisher, Rev. Nathan Richter, Congregation New Hope, relatives and friends for their visits, contributions, good wishes and gifts during his stay at Jewish Hospital.


Mr. and Mrs Leo Stechenberg, 7844 Glen Orchard Drive, announce the forthcoming Bas Mitzvah of their daughter, Robin Jaye, Friday, Nov. 13, at 8:30 p.m.., Adath Israel Synagogue, Ridge and Galbraith Roads.


Mr. and Mrs. Schaya Rotmensch, 7810 Greenland Place, announce the forthcoming Bar Mitzvah of their son, Eddie Aron, Saturday, Nov. 1, at 9 a.m., at New Hope Congregation, 1625 Crest Hill Avenue.

— Nov. 12, 1970

25 Years Ago

The wedding of Amy Hazel Heinichen of Cincinnati and Kenneth Allen Liss of Minneapolis took place Sept. 3 at the Omni Netherland Plaza Pavilion Room. Rabbis Daniel Rabishaw and Gary Zola officiated. A reception followed at the Omni Netherland Plaza Hall of Mirrors.


The wedding of Lori-Ellen Liss and Michael Jon Blanck of Cincinnati took place May 14 at the Cincinnati Club. Rabbi Solomon Greenberg and Father Terry Smith officiated.


The marriage of Grace A. Sotto and Dr. Bradley M. Dubois took place June 17 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Rabbi Solomon Greenberg officiated the double ring ceremony. A reception followed.


Dear family and friends:

I feel so humbled by the outpouring of your friendship, for your gifts, contributions, get well cards, many calls and visits during my recuperation after surgery. I am indeed fortunate to have your love and caring.

Sarah Dombar


Cincinnati’s largest Jewish Book Fair and Art Exhibit is getting bigger. The annual month-long event, this year set for Sunday, Nov. 19, through Sunday Dec. 17, at the Jewish Community Center, is adding a new line of merchandise: Judaic software and CD ROMs.


The next meeting of the Cincinnati Labor Zionist Alliance will be held on Sunday, Nov. 19, at 1:30 p.m.. at the Jewish Community Center. The guest speaker will be Ofer Nir, Jewish Federation shaliach. His topic will be: “The Evolving Role of the Shaliach.” This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.

— Nov. 16, 1995

10 Years Ago

On Sunday, Nov. 14, the Jewish National Fund/Judge Carl B. Rubin Legal Society honored Professor Marianna Brown Bettman as Attorney of the Year. 


The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati announced the appointment of Brian Jaffee as its executive director, effective early January 2011, to facilitate the dramatic expansion of the Foundation’s philanthropic capacity and to develop new strategies to invest its resources. 


On Thursday Nov. 18, the American Jewish Committee, a global Jewish advocacy organization, will celebrate an early Thanksgiving get together for a holiday lunch with diverse Cincinnati civic leaders at Xavier University. 


Since the Chaverim M’Israel (Friends From Israel) program’s founding in 2004, Gaby Silver, 18, and Matan Moyal, 19, are the seventh pairing of young people from Cincinnati’s Partnership 2000 (P2K) city in Netanya, Israel. They both have deferred their service from the army for a year of volunteer service in Cincinnati. 


For the first time in its history, the Cincinnati Jewish community is coming together to develop a long-term strategic plan “Cincinnati 2020” with the goal of making Cincinnati a model community and a Jewish destination. Once completed, with input from the entire community, this plan will offer a framework within which all agencies, congregations and organizations can align their visions and efforts to collaboratively achieve an innovative and sustainable community. 


At 1 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 5, families can come together for a free, fun and meaningful Hanukkah celebration at the Mayerson Jewish Community Center. “Giving, Giggles, and Gelt,” presented by One Candle for Tzedakah, features Hanukkah songs, crafts, tzedakah (charity) projects, inflatables and menorah lighting. This holiday event also features a special children’s movie premiere. 

— Nov. 18, 2010

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