150 Years Ago

Mr. A. Abraham Secretary of the K. K. Bene Israel, has been appointed our agent for the sale of the Tiphiloth, Machsorim and “Minhag America” to the members of the above congregation. Orders may be left at his residence, No. 104 Park Street, between 4th and 5th Streets, or through the Post Office to Box 2798.


Mrs. Leopold Weil’s Board School in New York, will open early in September.


Our thanks are due to Rev. H. Kuttner of St. Louis, for his very kind services tendered to our agent during his sojourn in that city.


1869 From the pages 080819

The annual report for 1869 of the “Pubic Library of Cincinnati” is an interesting pamphlet of 46 pages, giving a detailed account of the institution and its progress in the past year. The library counts now 21,588 books, among them 1427 German volumes. It promises fair to become one of the most useful institutions of the country. Besides the cities of Boston and New Bedford, Cincinnati only ives a public library to the people.

— Aug. 13, 1869

 125 Years Ago

The Ladies Society for the Relief of the Jewish Sick Poor gratefully acknowledge the following donations: proceeds of a fair given by Misses Jennie Newmark, Sophia Sigmund and Helen Solomon, $40.35; fair given by Misses Estelle Haas and Cora Amberg, $6; Mrs. Weil, clothing; a friend, infants’ clothing.

1894 From the pages 080819


The Carthage (Hamilton County) fair will open on August 14 and remain open for four days. These exhibitions, which are becoming more attractive each year, are well worth visiting, especially for the exhibit of all classes of fine stock. $1200 will be distributed in prizes for bicycle races and there will be a number of local riders among the contestants. A trip to Carthage is always enjoyable.


Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hershberg, of N. Ingleside Ave., returned from a tour of the principal cities of Europe.


Mr. Louis Rosin and daughters, Minnie and Ida, have left for Dawson Springs, Ky., and French Lick.


Mrs. Jos. Weil and daughter, Miss Jessie, have returned from a  pleasant trip to Greeley, Col., and Maniton Springs.

— Aug. 9, 1894

 100 Years Ago

Major Isadore Schayer, of the United States Army, formerly chief sanitary officer of the Saar Department, Germany, has telegraphed friends in Cincinnati of his safe arrival at New York, July 28, coming direct from his duties in Germany. He was captain of the University of Cincinnati football team in 1890.


Jack B. Silverman, son of Mrs Miriam Silverman, of 62 Albany avenue, Avondale, won the $10 prize offered for the best home-made electrical device submitted for display in the Electrical Show at Chester Park last Saturday. Silverman showed an electric fan made entirely by himself. An old silver candlestick served as the base. He is a sophomore at the University of Cincinnati, where he is studying electrical engineering.


The engagement of Miss Bessie M. Drukker, daughter of Simon Drukker, to Michele A. Carfarelli, of New York, has been announced. Mr. Carfarelli is a portrait painter.


1919 From the pages 080819

Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Sommer left for a tour of the Rocky Mountain resorts, Yellowstone Park, returning via Minnesota and Wisconsin. They will return  about September 1.


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lurie, of 3478 Harvey avenue Avondale, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Dorothy, to Samuel S. Horwitz, of Paducah, Ky.

— Aug. 7, 1919

 75 Years Ago

New York (JTA) – 40,000 Jews and non-Jews crowded Madison Square Park at an open-air mass demonstration in behalf of the Jews of Hungary and other parts of Nazi Europe sponsored by the 64 affiliated agencies of the American Jewish Conference with the co-operation of the American Jewish Committee and other national organizations.


Bill McKechnie’s Cincinnati Reds are all set for the next business on the agenda – their final Crosley Field battles with the eastern clubs in the league, a group of teams against which the Reds usually operate with conspicuous success.


Pfc. Richard K. Heldman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Morton J. Heldman, 1039 Avondale Avenue, has returned form the South Pacific after more than two years of overseas service.


Cpl.. Stanley I. Rafalo, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rafalo, 3619 Reading road, has completed the Air Force orientation course in England designed to prepare him for combat duty.


Shirely H. Mayer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Mayer of Glencross Avenue, has enlisted in the U. S. Coast Guard Reserves. She is now taking her basic training at the Recruit School in Palm Beach, Fla.


Charles Hyams, son of Mr. and Mrs. I Hyams, 1019 Sunset Avenue, Price Hill, was recently inducted into the Navy through Local Board 28.


Mr. D. Beryl Manischewitz, Cincinnati manager of B. Manischewitz Co., manufacturers of matzos, will leave Cincinnati Sept. 1 to reside in South Orange, N.J., where he will be associated with the New jersey office of the firm.

— Aug. 10, 1944

 50 Years Ago

Described as “the most unusual mailing piece of the year,” an invitation has been sent to the Cincinnati area’s young Jewish community leaders and wives to participate in the Regional Young Leadership Conference.


Hebrew Day School announces appointment of Rabbi Albert Mayerfeld as educational director. He has had many years of experience in day school education.


The wedding of Miss Hazel Paula Straus, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Straus, to Mr. Mitchell B. Goldberg, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Goldberg, took place Sunday, June 15th, at Temple Sholom.


Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund Rabb announce the engagement of their daughter, Emily Ann, to Mr. Barry Allan Cohen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cohen of Paterson, N.J.


Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Goller, 6063 Yosemite Drive, announce the forthcoming Bar Mitzvah of their son, Stuart Ellis, Saturday, Aug. 9, at 9 a.m. at Adath Israel Synagogue, Ridge and Galbraith Roads.

— Aug. 7, 1969

 25 Years Ago

Washington – In the wake of recent bomb threats to the Israeli Embassy here and the Israeli Consulate in New York, FBI Director Louis Freeh has reassured Jewish leaders that his agency, in concert with local law enforcement officials, is doing everything to prevent terrorist assaults on American soil.


H. Jerome Lerner was welcomed onto the Board of Governors of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion by Dr. Alfred Gottschalk, HUC-JIR president, at an induction ceremony at the Cincinnati campus.


Natalie L. Schwab has been hired as campaign coordinator for Cedar Village, a campus for Jewish Life, announced Leonard Sternberg, executive vice president


The American Jewish Committee selected Cincinnati chapter vice presidents Penny Friedman and Kenneth Kabel to attend the Hilda Katz Blaustein Leadership Institute. 


Mary Lewis was presented with the award for Volunteer of the Year at the Jewish Family Service Annual Meeting.


Sheryl Gross from Northern Hills Synagogue Religious School was recently selected to attend the Institute in Jewish Educational Leadership for New Principals.

— Aug. 11, 1994

 10 Years Ago

On July 23, the founder of one of the fifty largest flooring dealers in the country, Kurt M. Weisbacher, died. He was 88. He was the founder of Carpetland.


Allison Lazarus daughter of Mr. Steve and Mrs. Julie Lazarus and Mr. Gary Barnes and Mrs. Ann Lazarus-Barnes is one of 12 winners this year of The Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel.


Washington (JTA) — In the wake of last week’s arrests of several prominent rabbis, some Orthodox leaders are working to ensure that their institutions are following the letter of the law.


San Francisco (J. Weekly) — Nancy Scheper-Hughes insists she is “no Dick Tracy,” but she played an important whistle-blowing role in the caper involving corrupt rabbis, money laundering and the trafficking of human organs in Israel.


Washington (JTA) — The former Pentagon official at the center of the classified information case involving AIPAC staffers accused some FBI agents of displaying anti-Semitism.

— Aug. 6, 2009


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