In the Beginning: 1854

The Israelite will advocate the principles of Judaism, tried by the touchstone of thirty three centuries, and espouse the cause of the nation confessing it—unjust attacks made upon either will be repulsed promptly; and we desire our friends to inform us in time, wherever and whenever such attacks are made, as we will always be ready to defend our cause, by all fair and efficient means at our command.

— July 14, 1854

 150 Years Ago

Let every devout Israelite bear in mind, that the union of the American Israel must be the first and last object of our public enterprises. Having come to this country from all European lands with the provincial peculiarities and prejudices, at a period of transition from political nonentity to free citizenship, and from customs and hopes suiting the former condition to a new state of feeling and expectation, it took us a quarter of a century to establish societies and to organize congregation; to recognize the new state of affairs, and to reconcile passing events and time-honored traditions, to elevate and animate the masses passing from the Ghetto into the genial atmosphere of freedom, to conquer lethargy and indifferentism and to inspire the multitude with higher ideals and loftier aspirations. This period is closed. A rejuvenated generation is at work in our congregations and societies. Now unification must be the watch word. Let us be one. Israel before God and man, and the light of Zion will shine forth as brightly and illuminatingly as in days of yore, when the glory of the Lord was visibly manifested over the sanctuary of Jacob.


— Aug 12, 1870

 125 Years Ago

Ladies’ Column

The following suggestions for coaxing children to eat when delicate health or sultry weather makes their appetites captious at the very time when their little bodies are most in need of food to build up health and strength, are most timely, and may be found by many a mother rich in hints conducive to her little ones’ welfare. Some may think it “all nonsense” to try to tempt the appetite of a child; they say, “if you don’t want to eat, leave it alone.” But this is a wrong view of the matter; it is not always that the child is willfully rebellious; very often, in summer weather especially, appetite is languid and yet sufficient fuel must be taken in to feed the complicated machinery of growing boys and girls.

A cool looking dining room, shaded to rest the eye, with inviting napery and pretty table appointments, flowers, etc., is inseparable from comfortable summer life. What could be more inviting to the eye, as well as to the appetite, of a fretful child, who has probably been awakened too early by the heat, or who has passed a restless night for the same reason, than the sight of a prettily laid breakfast table—flowers, fruits, and some little surprises at his plate to charm away his languor.


Rabbi Wise officiated last week at two weddings and three funerals, preached in the temple the Sabbath before and the Sabbath closing the week, wrote about ten columns of Israelite and Deborah, and sixteen letters, just to kill time during vacation so as not to get into bad company.


— Aug. 8, 1895

 100 Years Ago

Wants No Women Rabbis

The proposal made, in view of the scarcity of candidates for the Jewish ministry, that women be eligible for the profession can hardly receive serious consideration. It certainly will not from orthodox or conservative congregations. So far as the reformers are concerned they are a law unto themselves, but they are also practical men who know there are certain things which can not be.—Jewish Exponent (Philadelphia)

Editor's note: This editorial reprinted from The Jewish Exponent is in response to a letter to the  editor which was excerpted last week. The 19th amendment was ratified a few weeks later ( Aug. 18, 1920), so women's rights were on people's minds.

Where They Are Summering

Mrs. R. K. Oppenheimer of Cincinnati, at Atlanta, Ga.

Judge Rob’t S. Mark of Cincinnati, at Detroit, Mich.

— Aug. 5, 1920

 75 Years Ago

Alvin W. Fishman, 1043 Dana Avenue, has received the War Department award for service in the Pacific as an aircraft electrician before the fall of Manila. 


Joint Outing Today

The Vacation Day Outing, arranged jointly by Rockdale Avenue and Isaac M. Wise Sisterhoods, takes place today, 12:30 noon at Wise Center.


Miss Myra Uhlfelder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sol Uhlfelder, 3442 Reading Road, has been awarded a scholarship by the School of Classical Studies of the American Academy in Rome, U.C. authorities learned recently.


A reception for relatives and friends will be held at 8:30 p.m., Sunday, Aug 12th at the Pavilion Caprice, Netherland Plaza following the marriage of Miss Shirley Weiland and Capt. Jack A. Casper. No cards.

Miss Weiland is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Weiland, of Warwick Avenue. Her fiance is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Casper, of Middletown, O. He recently returned after 29 months overseas as intelligence officer with the 12th Army Air Force. They will honeymoon in California, where he will report for reassignment on Aug. 27th.

— Aug. 9, 1945

 50 Years Ago

Mr. and Mrs. Irving R. Glick of Milwaukee announce the engagement of their daughter, Kathy, to Gordon Weil III, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Weil Jr., of this city. 


Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rothenberg (Audrey Martin), 1534 Lakeland Avenue, have chosen the name, Judith Rachel, for their daughter, born Thursday, July 30th. The infant has a brother, Daniel, and two sisters, Sarah and Naomi.


Jewish Hospital births include:

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bardach (Rita Sue Gerson), 3190 E. Galbraith Road, a son, Richard Blair, Saturday, July 25. The infant has a sister, Amy Elizabeth, and a

brother, Robert Arnold.


Mr. and Mrs. Sam Samet, 2529 Bremont Avenue, announce the forthcoming Bar Mitzvah of their son, Michael Jeffrey, Saturday, Aug. 15, at 9 a.m., at Adath Israel Synagogue, Ridge and Galbraith Roads.

Relatives and friends are cordially invited to worship with the family and attend the Kiddush following services.


Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. May, 7610 Reading Road, will celebrate their 49th wedding anniversary on August 10.


Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Schneider have returned from a tour of Europe and the Middle East. He gave a 2-day course to the faculties of the Prosthetics Departments of the two dental schools of Paris and the American Dental Club of Paris.

— Aug. 6, 1970

 25 Years Ago

U.S. District Judge Carl B. Rubin, a respected jurist who presided over a number of high-profile cases, died last Wednesday at the age of 75.


The personal experiences of Cincinnatian Rozalia Berke, a survivor of the Holocaust, are becoming part of the historical record at A Living Memorial to the Holocaust-Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City.


“Leadership Council of the Jewish Federation will be taking a canoe trip on the Little Miami River on Sunday Aug. 20,” announced Suki Kotler, event chairman. “We will leave from Marx’s Hot Bagels in Blue Ash at 12:15 p.m.,” added Kotler.


Nine area Jewish students have been honored with the Nate Kaplan Memorial Prizes for Outstanding Achievement in Jewish Studies, according to Dr. Paul Bloustein, president of the Bureau of Jewish Education. The Kaplan awards, which have been presented annually since 1981, are a living tribute to the memory of the late president of the BJE.


Gynecologic and Obstetric Consultants of Greater Cincinnati announces the association of Dr. Bradley B. Youkilis in the practice of obstetrics and gynecology.

The practice has been active since 1938 in the treatment of women’s diseases, infertility and pregnancy.


The B’nai B’rith Women’s “Admiral Luncheon Cruise” aboard the Mark Twain, will be held Thursday, Aug. 24.

— Aug. 10, 1995

 10 Years Ago

The Union for Reform Judaism president, Rabbi Eric Yoffie announced in June that he is planning to retire in June 2012. 

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Peter Weidhorn, has chosen Mauri Willis, past president of Temple Sholom to be one of 30 members of the search committee to find Rabbi Yoffie’s successor. 


Cindy Guttman, Susan Brenner, Ellen Dick, Mike Kadetz and Patti Schneider —dedicated volunteers from the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati’s Planning & Allocations Youth and Family Council—recently visited the Jewish Family Service’s (JFS) Kosher Food Pantry to witness the impact this program has on the community. They met with Fran Gafvert, Director of Vital Services at Jewish Family Service —and together they observed first-hand the life-changing effect the Kosher Food Pantry has on the lives of those it serves. 


In the not-too-distant future, the University of Cincinnati’s Department of Judaic Studies will be changing. Following its promotion from program status to department in 1999, the Department of Judaic Studies at the University of Cincinnati is introducing another ambitious prospect of growth and enrichment. 


Twenty-two teachers and educators from private and public middle schools and high schools across the country gathered in Cincinnati July 25-30 for an intensive 6-day National Teachers’ Seminar on “Culture and Identity, Past and Present: Exploring the Jewish Experience Through Texts, Films and Literature.” A $65,000 grant by the Posen Foundation underwrote the cost of the seminar. 


Twelve years ago, Patsy and Barry Kohn approached Rabbi Irvin Wise about the idea of underwriting the musical program for Adath Israel Congregation’s High Holiday services. “We had always been very impressed with Dani and Bat Ella Birnbaum —the Hazzan and his wife, a singing artist and music teacher— and the unbelievable Adath Israel Choir, led by Mitch Cohen,” they recall. 


The Sisterhood of Temple Sholom announces the kick-off of its third annual Rosh Hashanah Honey Sale. The proceeds from this successful fundraiser go to support the Jewish Braille Institute of America. 

— Aug. 12, 2010


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