150 Years Ago

The Plum Street Temple Fair is rapidly approaching completeness of arrangement and the final “all ready,” and in a  few more days we’ll have the pleasure of writing quite a chapter on its unprecedented attractions, which will compel the  reader to go and see for him or herself, and be delighted.

The ladies are in the night of their activity and exertions – there will be a Daily Temple Bulletin published, which newsboys and news girls will either sell or give a way to the curious visitor.


Rev. Dr. Lilienthal will deliver the first regular lecture of the season to the Young Men’s Hebrew Association next Sunday afternoon, at half past two o'clock, in the vestry hall of the Plum street Temple.

— Nov. 13, 1868

 125 Years Ago

Mr. Moses Ezekiel was in Chicago last week to see his bronze statue of Columbus placed in position over the entrance to the Columbus Memorial building. The statue cost $10,000, and is considered by critics to be the best conception of the great explorer extant. The niche in the building where the statue stands has not been finished. It is be faced with gold mosaic, so as to give the dark statue the proper background and relief. When this is done it will be undoubtedly the most attractive decorative art object on any building in the Windy City. Mr. Ezekiel remained at the World’s Fair during the closing days and is enthusiastic in his appreciation of the grandeur and beauty of the “White City.”


The betrothal of Mr. Simon Thalman to Miss Mary Frank, both of this city, has been announced. At home Sundays, N.W. corner 8th and Race Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio. No cards.

— Nov. 16, 1893

 100 Years Ago

Word was received from Washington, D.C., that David H. Spritz, secretary and treasurer of the Charles Spritz Company, has been awarded a commission as second lieutenant in the Ordinance Corps. Lieutenant Spritz entered the service last January. He is stationed at Virginia. A brother, Irvin S. Spritz, former office manager of the Charles Spritz Company, is stationed at the Great Lakes Naval training Station, Chicago, Ill. 


An appeal to the citizens of Cincinnati to hold religious services in their various places of worship next Saturday and Sunday and a community religious service in Music Hall on Thanksgiving Day to give expression to the feeling of thanksgiving and joy for the great victory for the cause of the Allies, appeared in the daily press signed by five clergymen representative of the Protestant, Catholic and Jewish denominations. The signers were Dr. Philipson for the Jewish denomination; Reverends Frank H. Nelson and Frederick I. Fagley for the Protestant and Fathers Wm. D. Hickey and Francis A. Grossic for the Catholic.

— Nov. 14, 1918

 75 Years Ago

Charles E. Israel is the most recent Hebrew Union College student interrupting his theological studies to enter his country’s service. He recently enlisted in the U. S. Merchant Marine.


Lieut. Ralph Pleatman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Pleatman, of 146 E. Mitchell Avenue, has been awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal. A graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, Lieut. Pleatman enlisted in the  Navy in September, 1940, and completed reserve officers’ training in Annapolis. He then volunteered for submarine service and was graduated from the Submarine School at New London, Conn. Lieut. Pleatman is in the South Pacific.


Master Sgt. Don L. Dahlman, 836 Mitchell Avenue, is a member of a Headquarters Finance Section in the European war zone. A graduate of the School of Business Administration at the University of Wisconsin, Sgt. Dahlman was an accountant before entering the Army.


Capt. Louis Kreindler, husband of Mrs. Katherine Kreindler, 7109 Green Wood Avenue, has been awarded the Legion of Merit. The citation stated that Capt. Kreindler has received the award for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services at Guadalcanal during the period of Jan. 10th to Feb. 9th.


Lieut. Milton Shear, son of Mrs. Ida Shear, 3457 Harvey Avenue, has arrived safely in England. His brother, Corp. Leo Shear, is attached to the American Embassy in London. Another brother, Cadet Martin Shear, has just completed a course in intelligence at Colorado College, Ft. Collins, Colo., and stationed at Tucson, Ariz.

— Nov. 18, 1943

 50 Years Ago

Pvt. Philip M. Schlaeger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Burton Schlaeger of 2444 Madison Road, recently completed basic combat raining at Ft. Dix, N.J.


Marvin L. Warner, delegate to the United Nations appointed by President Johnson Oct. 1st, delivered his first speech to the General Assembly Tuesday, Nov. 5, on “Position of the United States on Private Foreign Investment in Underdeveloped Countries.”

— Nov. 14, 1968

 25 Years Ago

According to statistics gathered by the Sassoon Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism, the year 1987-93 saw the outbreak of anti-Semitism in a number of countries.

While many commentators have spoken of a “new anti-Semitism” in recent years, Professor Yehudah Bauer, head of the center at the Hebrew University in jerusalem and the academic chairman of the institute for Contemporary Jewry at Hebrew University, is “not sure about that.”


Dr. Harry H. Fox became the ninth recipient of the Daniel Drake Humanitarian Award on Oct. 26 at a recognition dinner held by the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati and the Ohio State Medical Association.

— Nov. 18, 1993

 10 Years Ago

On Nov. 6, the University of Cincinnati honored Dr. Stanley J. Lucas by naming the boardroom in the Center for the History of the Health Profession after him. 


Rockdale Temple celebrated its first annual Mitzvah Palooza on Sunday, Oct. 26, 2008 with more than 100 members taking part in the day-long festival focused on a range of social action projects.

— Nov. 13, 2008


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