150 Years Ago

The Saengerfest. – The Citizens’ Committee having in charge the arrangements for the great National Saengerfest Convention, to be held in this city next May, met at Arbiter Hall and organized, calling F. G. Meyer to the Chair and F. Marmet, Secretary. 


Books and Newspapers – In the Book and Newspaper printing offices in this city, there are no less than 1,420 hands employed, and a capital of $2,390,000 invested.


K.K Adath Israel – Tomorrow, Saturday, December 4th, at ten o’clock, A.M., Rev. Dr. Illowy will deliver a lecture before the above Congregation, corner of Walnut and Seventh streets. The pubic are respectfully invited.

1869 From the pages 112819

— Dec. 3, 1869

 125 Years Ago

Mr. Alfred M. Cohen, formerly of the law firm Goss & Cohen, and Mr. Alfred Mack, formerly of Simrall & Mack, have formed a law copartnership, with offices at the S.W. corner of Third and Walnut Streets. Both of the gentlemen rank high professionally and socially and have large and remunerative individual practices as well as a host of personal friends, who wish them abundant success in their new venture.


The Bloch Company have removed their Hebrew book department and press rooms to No. 92 Main Street, near Third.


Mrs. Meyer Oettinger, of Beecher St., W.H., lost a valuable diamond earring last week, presumably on the street.


A carriage containing Mrs. Henry C. Ezekiel and Miss Ezekiel, of Avondale, while on its way to the Cincinnati Club entertainment last Saturday evening, was run into and wrecked by an electric car. The ladies were not injured, but it was a very narrow escape.


The many friends of Hon. Henry Mack will be sorry to hear that last Sunday morning, while at the barber shop, he became quite ill and was overcome by faintness. He was removed to his home and, under prompt medical assistance, rallied rapidly. He is now resting easy and improving rapidly.


The betrothal of Mr. Albert Seasongood, a son of Gen. Louis Seasongood, to Miss Ruth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. May Fechheimer, has been formally announced.

— Nov. 29, 1894

 100 Years Ago

Captain Elkan Voorsanger, who recently returned from abroad where he served as chaplain in the A.E.F., will take charge of a division of relief work in Poland as an assistant to Dr. Boris Bogen.


Mrs Edward L. Heinsheimer has as her house guest the national president of the Council of Jewish Women, Mrs. Nathaniel E. Harris, of Bradford, Pa., who was the speaker of the Council on Tuesday afternoon.


The marriage of Miss Elsie Auer, daughter of Mr. and Ms. Nathan Auer, to Richard Dann, of Columbus, Ohio, has been announced.


The Losantiville Country Club at Pleasant Ridge, has added a tract of twenty-one acres to its grounds, and will extend its golf links.

1919 From the pages 112819

— Nov. 27, 1919

 75 Years Ago

Washington (SPL) – The War Refugee Board has released reports of life and death inside German “extermination” camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau. “Those remaining, about 3000, were immediately gassed and burned in the usual manner.” That line, varying but slightly, ran throughout the first-hand reports of the extermination of hundreds of thousands in the two camps.


Lt. Daniel Hubler, roster-son of Mr. and Mrs. David Spritz, 48 Burton Woods Lane, was injured in action after a recent mission in the Pacific area. Lt. Hubler is a graduate of Hughes High School and was studying chemical engineering at the University of Cincinnati when he enlisted in the Naval Air Force three years ago.


Lt. Isaac Nemiroff, 3457 Wilson Avenue, has been given the Distinguished Unit Badge, a mark of the highest citation awarded to units of the American Air Force.


Pvt. Louis Schwartz, 971 Avondale Avenue, and Sgt. H. Franklin, 3511 Reading Road, recently have competed 28 moths of overseas service in north Africa and Italy.


T/5 Nathan J. Gilhooley, son of Mrs. Anna Gilhooley, 3416 Ridgeway Avenue, is serving with the Military Railway Service Battalion operating repair shops for locomotives in Italy.

— Nov. 30, 1944

 50 Years Ago

Members of Rockdale Temple and many of his other friends attended the ceremonies in dedication of the statue in memory of Alan L. Rosenberg at the new Temple on Ridge Road Sunday afternoon, Nov. 23rd.


Pictured last month during the most recent of his many visits to Israel is Cincinnati’s Mr. Joseph Kanter, a national chairman of the United Jewish Appeal, with Teddy Kollek, mayor of Jerusalem, who won another term in office during last month.


Mrs. Henry Barneis is the new director of the Social Planning Division, Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.


Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Rinsky announce the engagement of their daughter, Barbara, to Mr. Michael G. Mason, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Mason.


Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Miller, 3115 Longmeadow Lane, announced the Bas Mitzvah of their daughter, Irene Sue. Friday, Nov. 28, at 8:15 p.m., at Temple Sholom, 3100 Longmeadow Lane.


Dr. Albert B. Sabin distinguished service professor of research pediatrics at the UC Medical Center and Children’s Hospital Research Foundation, will leave Cincinnati in late December to become president of Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel.


Judge Robert S. Kraft is national chairman of B’nai B’rith’s Committee for Legacy Development.

— Nov. 27, 1969

 25 Years Ago

The Great Jewish Children’s Expo, a hands-on multi-media exhibition featuring displays and dioramas, video theater, game shows and and art workshops designed to communicate Jewish History, values and traditions to students of all ages and denominations is now open at Cincinnati Gardens through Dec. 6.


Washington – It has been five years since the Supreme Court banned religious displays inside government buildings, but the creche and menorah debate continues to gain new fervor with each holiday season.


Temple Sholom will host its 40th anniversary Scholar-in-Residence Weekend featuring Danny Siegel, Friday, Dec. 9, through Sunday, Dec. 11. Siegel, an author, poet, humorist and lecturer, promises to involve participants in a fascinating weekend filled with a potpourri of thought-provoking, enriching presentations and dialogue.


Traditions of Chanukah will introduce a series of programs at the main Public Library during December on how different faiths celebrate their holidays. Rabbi Abie Ingber of the Hillel Jewish Student Center at the University of Cincinnati and the Yavneh Day School Choir and Dance Group will present the first program on Tuesday, Dec. 6, at noon.


Nancy Goldberg Levine recently sold her first romance short story, “Sherman’s Law,” to Romantic Interludes. The story, about a judge and a paralegal who are fixed up by their parents, appears in the December/January issue of the magainze.


As part of its exhibition of works by Holocaust survivor Gyorgy Kadar, the College of Mount St. Joseph recently hosted a panel discussion on the Holocaust and Jewish-Catholic relations.

— Dec. 1, 1994

 10 Years Ago

At this year’s Red Tie Gala to benefit Ronald McDonald Charities of Greater Cincinnati, held earlier this month, Dr. Marc Levitt of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) was awarded their Lifetime Achievement Award along with his mentor, Dr. Alberto Pena.


More than 100 Rockdale Temple members took part in the Congregation’s second annual Mitzvah Palooza on Sunday, Nov. 15.


A local Holocaust survivor and the author who documented her story captivated the attention of students at the University of Cincinnati Nov. 12. Ruth Kropveld’s experience during the Holocaust is the focus of the book “Nevertheless We Lived,” by Lisa Phillips.


WASHINGTON (JTA) — President Obama said that within the next few weeks, the United States and other world powers would be formulating new sanctions on Iran.


More than 100 Rockdale Temple members took part in the Congregation’s second annual Mitzvah Palooza on Sunday, Nov. 15.

— Nov. 26, 2009


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