One of the first things when meeting someone you don’t know, while extending your hand for a fist bump or handshake, is to ask their name and to tell them yours in exchange.

As a part of our everyday experience, we talk to others about our day, our feelings, and our thoughts. Its one of the many talents we as humans (homo sapiens) have that the other animals we share our planet with do not possess. We can articulate with precision, if we so choose. We can say ex…

Although the second paragraph of the first article of the Declaration of Independence says we have an unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness, there is no-guarantee that we are going to get our fair share of happiness. 

In thinking about this topic, I quickly realized that I am in the business of secrets. As a clinical psychologist I help people share the secrets they have kept bottled up and help them cope with the emotional tumult they have after others unexpectedly tell their secrets publicly. 

Claustrophobia is a fear of closed spaces. Agoraphobia is a fear of open spaces. Humans and other species have a thing about space; the absence of it or too much of it can offer comfort or strike horror. Colors with which we paint or light our surroundings, and having plants and trees in our…

We are obsessed with food. Its even part of our lexicon. Colloquial expressions like  “three squares” “lamebrain” ”chow” and ” burger-flipper” exemplify how we use food sayings everywhere. 

It’s winter which means it’s colder and the nights are longer. Although we have had Chanukah with its traditions of food and candle lighting to comfort us, the ravages of Covid-19 continue to creep in and keep us apart.