Bella was the only Jew in her class at an exclusive school in Scarsdale. Quite rightly, she considered herself a lucky girl since, in those days, only gentiles were admitted.

Bella’s closest friend was Cynthia, a Greek Catholic. When the girls took their final examinations, Bella passed with straight A’s but Cynthia failed miserably.

“I just can’t understand it,” complained Cynthia. “Just before the tests I lit candles to St. Peter, St. Barnabas and several other saints, and look what happened!”

“I lit a candle, too,” said Bella.

“What! You, a Jew, lit a candle? To whom?”

“To nobody. I lit the candle and stayed up all night, studying!”

From The Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor from Biblical Times to the Modern Age, compiled and edited by Henry D. Spalding.

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