A man walks by a Judaica store and sees an odd sight: three caged parrots in the storefront window. Curious, he walks in and looks at the first bird. It has a price tag of $25,000!

“My good sir,” he says to the owner, “since when do you sell birds, and why is this one so expensive?”

“I’ll tell you. This bird lived with one of the leading Torah scholars, and after he died, his widow asked me to sell it. This bird knows the entire Torah. Ask him anything, and he can cite chapter and verse.”

The man walks to the next cage and is stunned to find a price tag of $50,000. “Tell me,” he says, “why is this bird worth twice as much as the other one?”

“This bird lived with the head of a Talmudical Academy, and he knows not only the entire Tanach, but much of the Talmud as well.”

Amazed, the man walks over to the last cage to see a price tag of $100,000. “I can’t believe this! Are you going to tell me that this bird lived with Maimonides? What can he do?”

“He doesn’t say much,” says the owner, “but the other two call him Rabbi.”


From The Big Book of Jewish Humor, 25th Anniversary, edited and annotated by William Novak and Moshe Waldoks.

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