An Englishman in New York stopped at a window in the middle of which stood one lone clock. 

The Englishman went inside. 

“Hello!” he called.

From behind the curtain stepped a bearded man in a skullcap. 

“Would you please inspect this watch? The Englishman worked at the strap. “Tell me whether it needs —-“

“Why are you asking me?” asked the bearded one.

“Aren’t you a jeweler?”

“No, I’m a mohel.” 

“A what?”

“A mohel. I perform circumcisions.”

“Good Lord!” exclaimed the Englishman. “But why do you have a clock in your window?” 

“Mister,” sighed the mohel, “what would you put in the window?” 



From Alan King’s Great Jewish Joke Book, by Alan King 


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