A hotel guest was greatly disturbed one night by a series of incessant jumps and bumping that appeared to proceed from the room directly overhead. In the morning he complained to the hotel manager, and asked to have the mystery cleared up. A little later the manager brought a Jewish-looking individual, and introduced him to the gentleman.

“This is Mr. Cohen of Cohen, Levi and Klein,” explained the manager. “He occupies the room above yours. Perhaps you can tell us, sir, what was the noise that this gentleman complains of?”

“Vy,” said Mr. Cohen indignantly, “it vas de doctor’s instructions. He leaf me a bottle from medicine, which say, ‘Tek the mixture two nights running, then skip de third night.’ End so I do it. I haf run de first two nights, end lest night I skip.”


From The World’s Best Jokes, edited by Lewis Copeland.

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