Sidney passes by a pet shop on Lexington Avenue and notices a parrot in the window selling for $1,000. He goes inside and asks why it costs so much. The salesman tells him the parrot speaks five languages. 

“Five languages!” exclaims Sidney. “Does it speak Yiddish?”

“Sure it does,” says the salesman. 

As his mother lives by herself, Sidney decides to send her the parrot as a present — it’ll keep her company. So he pays the $1,000 dollars and arranges for the shop to deliver the parrot to his mother. The next day he phones his mother. “Mom, did you like the parrot I bought you?” 

“Mmm, it was delicious!” she says.

“What do you mean delicious?”

“I made soup out of it, it came out great!” 

“But mom, the parrot wasn’t for eating. It spoke five languages including Yiddish.” 

“So why didn’t it say anything?”




From Oy! The Ultimate Book of Jewish Jokes, by David Minkoff

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