July 1, 1973 — Military Attache Is Killed in Maryland

Col. Yosef “Joe” Alon, a military attache at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, is shot five times in his driveway in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and dies within an hour at a hospital. A Voice of Palestine radio broadcast says Alon’s slaying is revenge for the killing two days earlier of the head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. No one is ever arrested in the case, which some investigations link to Black September.

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July 2, 2010 — Benayoun Signs With Chelsea

Midfielder Yossi Benayoun leaves Liverpool for fellow English Premier League club Chelsea, owned by Russian-Israeli billionaire Roman Abramovich. Benayoun, born in Dimona in 1980, began his professional soccer career with Hapoel Be’er Sheva at 16 and won a championship with Maccabi Haifa at 21. He moved to Spain’s La Liga in 2002, then to England for West Ham United before Liverpool. He returns to the Israeli professional league in 2014.

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July 3, 1904 — Theodor Herzl Dies

Theodor Herzl, known as the father of modern Zionism, dies of cardiac sclerosis at age 44 in Edlach, Austria, seven years after he organized the First Zionist Congress. His will calls for no speeches, flowers or pomp at his funeral, but six thousand people follow his hearse to the cemetery. The will also requests that the Jewish people bring his remains to Israel, and his body is reburied on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem in 1949.

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July 4, 1976 — Hostages Are Rescued at Entebbe

A team of two hundred elite Sayeret Matkal commandos lands at the international airport in Entebbe, Uganda, to rescue one hundred and six hostages held by the Palestinian and German terrorists who hijacked an Air France flight from Tel Aviv to Paris on June 27. In a thirty five minute battle, all seven terrorists, twenty Ugandan soldiers, three hostages and one Israeli soldier (Yoni Netanyahu) are killed. The rescued hostages are flown to freedom in Israel.

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July 5, 1979 — Opera Star Edis De Philippe Dies

Israel National Opera Company founder Edis De Philippe dies at age 67 after brain surgery. A New York native, De Philippe starred with the Paris Opera in the late 1930s. She made aliyah in 1945, and the Zionist Congress in Basel in December 1946 approved her plan to launch an opera company. She opened the Israel National Opera Company in 1947. She financed and managed the company and was its star as it performed across Israel.


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July 6, 1989 — Bus Attack Kills 16

A Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist seizes the No. 405 bus as it passes a ravine outside Jerusalem and steers it over a cliff in an attack on the passengers traveling from Tel Aviv. Sixteen people, including one American and two Canadians, are killed, and seventeen others are injured. This is often seen as the first suicide attack of the First Intifada, although the terrorist survives and is one of over one thousand Palestinians released in 2011 in exchange for kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit.

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July 7, 1969 — U Thant: ‘Open Warfare’ Along Canal

U.N. Secretary-General U Thant says he is considering withdrawing the ninety six U.N. observers from the Suez Canal zone because “open warfare” exists there. Egypt and Israel have shot across the canal daily for three months, and U.N. soldiers were fired on twenty six times in June. Thant says the situation, which becomes known as the War of Attrition, represents the worst disregard ever for a U.N. cease-fire accepted by the warring parties.


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Items are provided by the Center for Israel Education (israeled.org), where you can find more details. 

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